Top Model USA ***Cycle 13 SPOILERS!! WARNING!!!***

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Here are the latest spoilers I've found for cycle 13:

*****SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!********

*Cycle 13 is set to premiere on Sept. 9, 2009 with a 2-hour airing.
*Paulina Porizkova will not return as a judge in Cycle 13. She has been let go.
*Cycle 13 will be filmed in Los Angeles.


*February to May: Castings and Auditions
*1st week of May: Semi-Finalist round / Contestants chosen
*May: About to start shooting.
*May 14: Production/filming pushed back about a few times due to the crazy of NY casting and a new possible judge.
*May 29: Josie Maran appears as a guest judge.
*June 9: Several of the girls spotted surfing and sunning during a bikini shoot in Hawaii, while with Mr. Jay on set.
*June 17: (around) Kim Kardashian appears as a guest judge.
*June 20: Final 6 girls walk in a runway show in Maui, Hawaii.
*June 22: Filming in Hawaii is done.

Information below that may or may not be true.


*(summarized)There will be 14 girls chosen that will move into the house.There are 4 blonde girls and one of them apparently has “the lightest blue eyes you will ever see” (according to my brother). One blonde has a very weird face, not everyone might not find appealing. The other too are more conventionally pretty. One of the blonde girls was diagnosed bipolar when little. The “hottest” one was one of the blondes, who reminded him of Kate Hudson.There are two asians . One with chestnut long hair and accorsing to him is really skinny. The second asian looks very plain jane and it’s probably the shortest.One of the girls is “emo-like” and miss jay questioned her about it at casting panel, the girl cried. Her hair is dyed black and has green eyes.Theres 4 black girls one of them has a lighter skin tone so wer are not sure, she might be mixed. He said one of them is bald and looks like someone you’ll see on national geo. documentaries, while the rest are more common looking.Theres a girl with a very round face and reddish hair.Theres also a girl who’s from the middle east, her parents were from either Iran or Iraq, she has hazel eyes, brown hair and tan skin.The last girl who might be latin was actually born in Spain and has curly, brown hair.
*Shortest girl is 5′2.


*The casting theme will be like job interviews, all of them dress in suits.
*Cycle 13 is being filmed in Los Angeles and the semi-finals were filmed last week.
*Overseas location is Hawaii.


*9 year old, Diva Davanna will appear on Cycle 13 to teach the contestants how to walk.
*Josie Maran will appear as a guest judge.
*Kim Kardashian appears as a guest judge.
*Lauren Conrad, Cheryl Tiegs and Kathy Ireland are expected to appear as guest judges.

RadarOnline posted on June 10

A gorgeous gaggle of girls slated for the upcoming thirteenth season of America’s Next Top Model enjoyed surfing and sunning during a bikini shoot on the Hawaiian coast Tuesday, June 9.

Recently I was a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model for an episode that will air next season! Wow, this cycle is pretty amazing! It’s definitely my favorite so far! Can’t give away any details but you guys have to tune in for sure! It was such an honor to be a guest judge! -Kim Kardashian

Here's the link: link

***If you didn't want to see spoilers, It's you're own fault for clicking on the topic!! I'm not held responsible!!***
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so do at least more of them look like real models this time? :)
il y a plus d’un an Andrea_CH said…
Why isn't there one single episode from cycle 13 online here? Can anyone help me out? Where can I find the episodes of cycle 13?
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il y a plus d’un an omgbrb said…
As long as Jay Manuel is in it I don't really care! How do I get his autograph???