Top Model USA New ANTM Pick Game

CHOCOLATTE posted on Nov 05, 2008 at 03:07PM
I Have Just Started A New Elimination Game (Check The Picks Too Play)

The Fierce 15 Are

The Score

1.April c2 1
2.Shannon c1 ELIMINATED
3.Brittany c8 1
4.Christina c4 ELIMINATED
5.Katrzyna c10 0
6.Mollie Sue c6 1
8.Norelle c3 1
9.Chantal c9 0
10.Jade c6 0
11.Kim c5 0
12.Anchal c7 ELIMINATED
13.Shenna c11 ELIMINATED
14.Sara c2 0
15.Analeigh c11 3

Structure Of The Game

15 Girls Have Been Selected For This Cycle. Each Week A Girl Will Be Elimintated Until Only One Of The Fierce 15 Remain.

Each Week The Girl With The Strongest Photo Will Get A Point And When There Are Only 2 Girls Left The Girl With The Higher Amount Of Point Will Win

BTW The Girl With The Strongest Photo Will Have Immunity The Next Week
But When There Are Only 5 Girls Left There Will No Longer Be Immunity

There Will Be Special Week Were The Top Photos Will Get Photos

Who Will Win ?
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