Top Model USA My Cycle 11 Overview

greenchoco101 posted on Oct 14, 2008 at 02:48PM
I was supposed to love this Cycle, but one thing i realized after seeing it after 4 episodes or so, is ROUTINE. There is no more excitement, everything is the same every single episode, and also the photoshoots and eliminations are much more boring than compared to previous cycles.

I also noticed that there are NO JUDGING TESTS at all, do you remember those ANTM Chocolate? on Cylce 5? and the Siognature walk on Cycle 6? I miss seeing those things. Now they are gone, oh and i also hated the fact that they only base the first call out on who had the best photo, serisouly? what is that all about? is the photo the only one they will be judging on? This reality show had gone from top rated to plain cheeky. It's not about modeling anymore i agree with PatoPop that it was now for entertainment already.

I think that the show is not improving, it's getting worse and much weirder in a bad way.

The theme song/video is probably one of the worst, the best is from 7-9 [no doubt].

Oh, did i forgot to mention their makeover wardrobe? OMG that is probably the cheapest clothes they every wore. It's so basic!

The Cycles are just getting worse rather than getting better. That's sad but true.
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