Top Model USA What do toi think of Isis, the transgendered haut, retour au début model contestent??

karenlvb posted on Aug 22, 2008 at 11:02PM
Hi guys!

I'd love for you to take my poll and let me know what you think. Once I get enough responses, let's discuss:



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il y a plus d’un an prettybeachgal said…
ew. I think it's gross. The application says "you must be born a woman" yeah She's just doing it to get more viewers. If she wins I will never watch that cycle again. (ok I love ANTM to much to
il y a plus d’un an greenchoco101 said…
hmm no reaction, i was like wowed at first! case i didnt know they let transgenders there! but also im shocked because i didnt realizd that she was a woman! when i first see her picture! I taught she was the indian girl that looks like anchal.

Well no biggy, if its UNFAIR but if Tyra made it for some awareness or good purpose then im so happy that she made it!
il y a plus d’un an jrla said…
even if he/she didn't have model potencial at all tyra would pick her/him to make more press but still ok that he/she is participating i don't really care i guess am happy about it
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il y a plus d’un an mystikchic said…
i am totally cool with it i think its awesome, not being a part of the gay/lesbian/transgendered community but supporting it. i dont think tyra was trying to get any cred. for it because during last cycle she did point out that the girl in the backround stood out more and that was before she even knew that isis was born a man. isis has every right to be here, would anyone have half as much to say if she didn't still have her "manly parts"?... i dont think so and i also feel bad that she had to go she needs to either get the surgery or become more comfortable with herself but good for her for making it as far as she did.