Top Model USA Winners Switching Agency's?

ugagurl777 posted on Jul 11, 2008 at 07:11PM
Ok, so I am watching Cycle 7 right now and it said that the winner was going to be signed with Elite Models. Ok, so Caridee won, and I ended up going to Elite's web site and I could not find Caridee's name on there. So what happened? Did they drop her? Did she sign with another agency? And do alot of the winners end up getting dropped cause they are not what the agency wanted or do they just randomly switch on their own based on their needs in the modeling world? And please tell me where some of the winners ended up being signed to or where they switched too? And is there a site where you can find this out besides All- ANTM?

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il y a plus d’un an Snerkie said…
She's still with Elite, but she's now under the Miami models :)

I think some might on their own free will swap agencies for different and better opportunities.

As much as i can figure out, this is what i've gathered from the link...
Adrianne - Avenue Modeller
Yoanna - IMG Models
Eva - LA Models
Naima - Basic Model Management (New York)
Nicole - Nous Model Management
Danielle (now goes by Dani) - Click Models (New York)
CariDee - Elite Model Management (Miami)
Jaslene - Elite Model Management (Miami)
Saleisha - L.A Models
Whitney - Elite Model Management (New York)

(that list is in order of the cycles)

So that's what i can gather from FMD, don't sue me if it's outdated, lol.