Top Model USA cycle 11 ***SPOILER***SPOILER***SPOILER****SPOILER*****

prettybeachgal posted on Jun 21, 2008 at 05:04PM
If I actually posted all the info here, a bunch of dumb a** people are gonna be all mad at me even though I marked SPOILER and if you go to this link and you don't want a spoiler your a dumb a**
WARNING: has photos of girls in abroad country (but very bad so you can barely see them but you can see Tyra) info on girls and more


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il y a plus d’un an greenchoco101 said…
I dont even think i seen one of the girls. O.O
il y a plus d’un an hbanana092 said…
they r already in amstrdam?
i think they air cycl3e 11 in sept.
il y a plus d’un an greenchoco101 said…
i cant believe it! so that means another white winner then? when will they go to brazil??
il y a plus d’un an ugagurl777 said…
Do you mean that like it is a bad thing? Good Lord, why does everyone have to bring up race? It bugs me a little, sorry.