Top Model USA Episode 5.

Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Mar 20, 2008 at 10:29PM
This week I:

Marvita-Disliked her photo, disliked her.
Fatima-Liked her photo, dislike her.
Anya-Liked her photo, still unsure about her.
Aimee-Liked her photo, love her.
Claire-Disliked her photo, still unsure about her.
Dominique-Loved the photo, hate her!
Whitney-Liked the photo, love her.
Lauren-1-Loved her photo, love her.
Stacey Ann-Disliked her photo, like her.
Katarzyna-Liked her photo, love her.

Random things about this episode.

If Dominique talks in third person one more time I am going to have to kill her. Sure, be as arrogant/confident as you want just say it about yourself. Stop friggin saying "Dominique has what it takes." Say I have what it takes!!

I don't think Whitney looks anything like Nicole Smith and I think she was my favourite this week. Couldn't believe she was in the bottom two.

I still really hate Dominique's makeover. Her hair was nice long, I dislike it short. I hate Marvita's hair too. She literally look's like a horse.

I have friends with really thick accents but i still have to think about Anya ever time she talks.

Overall, not a bad episode =D

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