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 The Pups As Adults
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Sweets and Salty

In the last few weeks the pack had a little activity. Humphrey was excited to say that he and Kate were finally married, they planned to have chiots soon. Lilly and Garth had also gotten married, they found l’amour at first sight. There was just one plus female Omega who was out their looking for love. This Omega's name was Sweets, as her name explains she was a sweet, beautiful omega who has not found a mate.

Many male omegas, and Alpha males were taken. Candy took Shakey and Mooch left the pack a while back, but she wasn't interested in Mooch but there was one loup in particular...
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well, i finally made my own video on this whole thing
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Chapter 11: The Four Sons of War

(Song: Sons of War-Two Steps from Hell)

Though both sides had taken significant losses, the battle still raged strong with neither side montrer any sign of exhaustion. Kate and Kenya were fighting together, now that Humphrey seemed to have disappeared.

"Where's Humphrey?" Kate asked. "We could really use him right now."

"I don't know," Kenya replied.

Then, as they continued to fight, Kenya looked up behind her and saw Humphrey at the haut, retour au début of a hill.

"Kate, look," she said.

Humphrey stood at the haut, retour au début of the hill, along with Garth, Adam, and Kyle. And soon they were all...
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Chapter 9: March to Glory and Death

The plan was discussed thoroughly, yet swiftly amongst the loups because time was not on their side and they could hear the humans trying to silently déplacer through the trees, growing ever closer.

"So," Humphrey said. "Do we all know the plan?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Okay, good. Let's go!"

After these words, Humphrey began to lead a small part of the main pack back into the territory.

(Song: To Glory-Two Steps From Hell)

As they walked out into the open from behind Kate and Humphrey's den, the sunlight shone onto their faces. When they walked back into...
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Chapter 8: The King's Rally

It wasn't long after the sound of the trucks started echoing throughout the valley that all hostilities were forgotten and every wolf, Rouge ou not, evacuated and what was once a clamor of the sounds of battle was now quieter than a graveyard.

After the humans had been driven off after Humphrey was shot, they returned to the town and explained the whole situation to the local police. The town eventually decided to track down these obviously dangerous loups and get rid of them.

The population of the entire town set out, armed with pistolets and tracking dogs, a total force...
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Chapter 6: The Invincible Ones

As they retreated into the woods, King denied his forces permission to pursue, instead assuring them that they would be back.

Meanwhile, in the woods Humphrey and the group were discussing how they were going to take back Jasper, if it could even be done.

The hot summer breeze blew through the trees and the débats grew ever longer.

"We can't leave Jasper to the Rouges," Humphrey said. "We have to take it back."

"But that's giving King exactly what he wants," Kate pointed out.

"It doesn't matter," Humphrey replied. "This is our home, and no one takes it without a fight....
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Chapter 5: Rescue and Regroup

The last words echoed throughout the valley as King grabbed Humphrey par the back of his neck and dragged him back inside the den.

Outside, Kate and the others began debating what to do and how to come up with a plan to rescue Humphrey in so little time.

"What do we do?" Kate said. "I mean we can't just hand Runt over to them."

"No, of course not," Winston said.

"So what's the plan?" Garth asked.

"I don't know," Kate said. She was so worried about her husband. She knew King would keep his word, ou at least the seconde part of it, and that was something she didn't want....
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Chapter 3: Omega Hostage

Upon their return to Jasper, the group, now composed of Kyle's pack, hid just behind the tree-line, out of sight of King and his Rouge Wolves. ou so they thought.

As they were talking amongst themselves, trying to figure out what to do, a group of Rouge loups came out from nowhere and attacked the group. In the chaos, a smaller group came out from behind the bushes and kidnapped Humphrey, taking him hostage.

"Kate!" he shouted as he was being dragged away. Kate turned to see him being carried off. She went to go after him but was stopped par the Rouges. Their numbers...
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Chapter 2: Return to Jasper

"What's up in Jasper?" Humphrey asked.

"Your entire pack has been forced into hiding par King and the Rouge Wolves," Marcel said. "They're after Runt."

"Well, we have to go help them," Kate said.

"I'm coming with you," Humphrey said, getting up, still with much effort. His bullet-wound was still bleeding, but it was dripping very slowly.

"Humphrey," Kate said. "You can't walk in your condition. You're still too weak to move."

"Kate," he a dit using a tone of voice Kate had never heard before. It was very serious and plus like an alpha than an omega. "This is our home,...
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Chapter 6: A House Divided

As they moved through the night, the group began looking for a good place to sleep as Humphrey filled Kenya in on all she had missed over the past twenty years since they last saw each other.

"So," Kenya asked. "What were toi doing out here before toi found me?"

"I'm looking for our parents," Humphrey replied.

"Humphrey," Kenya said. "I'm sorry, but our parents are probably dead."

"But, how could toi say that?" Humphrey said. "Look, I get it. toi haven't seen them in years. Neither have I. But I miss them, plus then toi can imagine." Then he paused. "Well, actually not...
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