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 My drawing of Kate and Humphrey
This is a drawing of the main characters of the movie. It's my first time drawing Kate, I used to draw Humphrey a lot in the past when I used to like him.
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This Alpha et Oméga fan-art contains anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

Trying to protect what is being looked for is like a team of SAS operatives defending dying hostages it could go either way and the odds are always in someones favour and the plus I thought about the plus distant I became and that is when I had the weirdest phone call that in my drowsy state almost gave me a cœur, coeur attack.

Me: "hello Lucas residence!"

???: "Metalwolf? That you?"

This voice seemed purposely disguised; badly. It was a male about 16 yrs old and in the back ground I could hear another faint voice; a female giggling inainly.

Me: "What!? How do toi know me par that name! Who is this!?...
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suivant week

humpreys pov

kates been jouer la comédie weird lately and she been sad one minute and angry the suivant and she also been asking me to get her some berries and fruit now and again so i decided to go ask eve what was happening


i got to eve's "hey eve can toi help me"asked humphrey "y yes i can what is it"eve replied "well kates been jouer la comédie strange lately and could toi see if anything's wrong" humphrey asked " why of course" eve answered


they got back to humpfreys tanière, den to see kate in a rage "humphrey where have toi been" kate asked " well i went to get eve to see if anything's wrong with you...
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The picture below THIS story is a MIG-31

The suivant morning, Humphrey, Shakey, Salty, and Mooch were out playing. It was the first time in a long time that Humphrey had ever played like an Omega.
“Man, I miss these days!” Humphrey yelled.
“We miss you!” Shakey said.
Balto had a whole pack of chiens with him. Some of the chiens had a violent name such as Steele.
“Hey, guys, look who it is!” Balto a dit to his pack. He twisted his jaw, causing it to crack, “My jaw was never the same!”
“They are the most motley, the most disgusting, the most stupidest loups I’ve ever seen!” one...
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That night, Cando was well groomed and looking good. He went over to Scar’s tanière, den to take her a date. He rang the door bell, hyped up. Scar answered the door.
“Hello, my lady ready to go out on a date?” Cando said.
“Yes, I am,” Scar said.
Cando was uncomfortable. He could stop thinking about the fact that he was going to propose to her at the end of this date. Ahh, man, I am so nervous. Is she going yes ou is she going to say no? He prayed, God, I know I haven’t had faith in toi for almost a an but please help me! Please have her say yes. I will be the happiest loup alive. Thanks...
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posted by katealphawolf
*warning: sexual content ahead! toi are warned!*

"You ready to go home?" Jon asked Kate, "I'm going to put this collier and leash on toi and take toi to the Bronco." He pointed out at a big yellow SUV parked in the driveway. He slipped the collier over her head and snapped the lead onto it and walked her out. He opened the door to the Bronco, "get in," Kate jumped up into the passenger seat, Stormy was already in the back ready to go. "Now I don't know how toi will react to a car ride but if toi need to vomit put your head out the window and do it okay?" He rolled down the window for her, then...
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Kate ended up finding the pack and saw them surching high and low for the wolves. Then Kate runs back to the lake where they hanged out.
"They're looking for us!"Kate says to them.
"So." Garth and Humphrey say.
"So!" Lilly says to them, "We need to tell them who we are!"
"They won't notice use, they would kill us!" Garth responds.
"Or we could be saved!"
"Look Lilly," Humphrey says, "Maybe we could go back to our pack when-"
"Or NOW" Kate interupts.
"Look," Humphrey says to Kate, "When were back to wolves, we'll go back."
"No!" Both Kate and Lilly said, "We go back now before something bad happens."...
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