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This Alpha et Oméga photo might contain faon and fawn.

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thats when it all happened. garth had betrayed the pack. he was last seen choking his father and he dropped him and walked away. he thought ;now I can live my own life. he then walked over to kates grave and said; may the lord be with you. ;you were one of the few people who journeyed into the howling dark,.. and never returned. he did the traverser, croix .on the grave and a dit ;ill never forget you. the suivant morning eve awoke the pack had gathered around something she couldnt see very well. she walked down from her and winstons den. she went to the crowd and pushed through. what she saw almost made...
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Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, and Garth all got what they wanted. Humphrey and Kate got married and Lilly and Garth got married. It was all a happy ending… ou beginning in this case. Winston looked at Tony and gave him a sharp look.
He finally a dit “Maybe this will work,” to Tony who was the leader of the Eastern pack.
“Oh,” Tony hesitated. He knew Eve was right behind him and he didn’t want to get jumped if he a dit no. Not only that but he himself also like happy endings. He heard a growl from Eve, looked back and a dit “Alright.”
Winston and Tony saw Humphrey and Kate Loving on each...
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 It all starts with this...
It all starts with this...
auteur note: This is hopefully maybe gonna start a new series if toi people like this. Warning this is sexual, and in this article garth doesnt exist, and humphrey and kate are still mates.

It was a starry full moon night and Eve, Lilly, Kate, and I (Humphrey) were in Eve's, Kate's, and Lilly's tanière, den after the moonlight howl.
*Kate and Lilly were looking at cave paintings on the ceiling*
Humphrey (look at picture): "Look at "that"" (he thought in his mind, staring constantly)
Eve:*noticed Humphrey taking quick glances at Kate's and Lilly's personal "gifts" without the girls noticing*: Whatcha lookin...
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 Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
Kate is really excited about getting ready to mate with Humphrey!
*Rated T13+ for sexual content, this gets a little into detail but toi have been warned! This is purely the figment of my imagination! This is how loups mate in the wild! Once again toi are warned!*

Since Kate had awaken from her long nap she had been busy preparing the cave for Humphrey's arrival home. She knew he would be ready this time and she was determined to make the place look absolutely perfect and nice. This way they could reflect back on the very first time they mated and remember how wonderful it was. The caribou carcass was out of place; she moved it to a further side of the cave...
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made this video jst to let toi guys know Alpha and Omega 2 is on its way! :)
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This is my first Video of Kate & Humphrey. It would be better if my Movie Maker wouldn't crash all the Time!^^ A seconde One is in work
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