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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Chapter 3
Shakey’s Getting Married

Humphrey finally arrived at Mooch’s tanière, den “Hey Mooch toi there bud! “Humphrey yelled from outside the den. “Yes I’m here Humphrey what’s up” Mooch a dit as he walked out of his den. ”Kate and I just romanced together and she a dit I was good” Humphrey a dit in an excited voice. “Wow that’s good for toi Humphrey” Mooch a dit in a sad tone. ”What’s wrong I thought toi would be happy for me” Humphrey a dit as he walked up to Mooch.” I am happy for toi it’s just oh it doesn’t matter” Mooch a dit as he walked over to Humphrey with...
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Chapter One: Lone Wolf

Hey everyone this what I think if Humphery come back to stop but it's too late for him. So what is he going do now.

Humphery was omega, he knew it's againist the law for Kate an Alpha and him to be together. He start running to the wedding cenemory than start looking down at the valley and saw Kate and Garth rubbed noses together.

Humphery was now heartbroken because of it than took one last look down there.

After the Cenemory is Done.

Kate turned around than looked up at the mountain and saw Humphery on haut, retour au début of it. She felt heartbroken but he was anger with Kate.

"I Hate You...So...
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posted by KateAlpha
Just Chill and chat about the well known and loved movie' alpha and omega! can't think of anything to chat about? Just make up a story about alpha and omega ou write down your idea of what toi would like alpha and omega 3 to be like!
What a feeling' I mean we all like making friends' but ever thought about making Friends with Kate ou Humphrey?! Omg that would be awesome! Have fun alpha and omega fans!!! :D
posted by katealphawolf
Kate woke up, she was laying on a soft warm blanket, she looked around to see she was in a cage again. Her nose caught the aroma of something good, she looked down to find two bowls. One of water and one of meat! She scarfed it down greedily and searched for more, she was so hungry!

"Well well well, sleeping beauty finally wakes!" Kate peered out of the cage, a very tall figure towered above her. The figure bent down and peered inside at her with piercingly blue eyes, she did not snarl ou montrer any fear at the sight of a human before her. "Hmm, toi sure were in rough shape when I found ya, my...
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey, Star, and Kaltag go to school again.

Kaltag, étoile, star and Humphrey got up and remembered they need to go to school.
“Crap, we didn’t go to school yesterday!” étoile, star said.
“We had driving school,” Kaltag replied.
“Do toi think they’ll excuse us?”
“Probably, we’ll have to bring our slips.”
“Wait, but Humphrey doesn’t have one.”
“We got to make sure he could be excused.”
They got to school. When they got to school, they went to the office.
“Here’s our slips for driving school.”
“Alright toi two are excused.”
“He was with us and we took him and…”...
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It was early sunday morning and jon got up feeling kinda depressed about killing Riley but he had to just then his mother got up and she wasn't to happy she hadn't slept well last night and jon knew that so he kept his mouth shut then his dad got up and a dit 'Hows my loving family doing this morning?' and jon replied 'I'm good' and kate just grumbled and humphrey took it like a good and he left for his suivant rap recording he was glad that his family was finnaly sûr, sans danger but when he got to the rap studio he started his recording and when he finished he went accueil in his audiR8 and as he drove up...
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posted by jbiehl
 never f**k with Eve...
never f**k with Eve...
Waking up from her weird dream of humphrey.Eve decided to check up on them to see if they didn't do
"ANYTHING" last she gets up and walks out of her and Winston's tanière, den to a nice crisp morning..the sun running down her back and up her spine. her hair flowing prefectliy with every step she took. as she finally reached Kate and Humphrey's tanière, den Eve couldn't believe her ears.she heard moaning sounds inside of the den. thinking the worst she poked her head in and her worst fears were realized...Humphrey was just finishing up with kate howling in delight of"stuff"....
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posted by RoadFallout
Alternate ending and alternate sequel.
Special Thanks to FreezeFlame and BlackInertia
I recommend that toi listen to the song Boulevard of broken dreams par green day
If toi choose this idea, put it on at the beggining. It will match the mood of Humphrey.
Here's the link: link

A/N: This just a Fanfiction to what happened to our beloved Omega, Humphrey if he jumped on the train to become a lone loup and succeeded.
And I would also like thank ztarx5.
_____________________________________-Chapter 1( Hunters Aren't Born, They're made)-FreezeFlame

Humphreys POV

So this it...I'm leaving jasper. That's all...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
We all know Kate. Big, tough, lovable, kind, brave, well, almost. There is one thing Kate is afraid of.......water. She can't swim and she was involved in a traumatizing accident. Well, Hutch can change all of that.

Kate had been afraid of water ever since the accident, and accident she would remember, and haunt her for the rest of her life. She was walking alone on a hunt with Hutch. It was winter and they decided to traverser, croix over a La Reine des Neiges lake. Hutch a dit the ice was thin in some areas and warned Kate to be careful. Kate, who was ahead did not even have time to respond. She fell through and...
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This is the song My Mate first saw me chant to when we got together and now i sing this all the time
Alpha et Oméga
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I l’amour THIS ONE!
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