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 Me as a furry
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Me as a Furry :-) :-]
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This Alpha et Oméga fan-art might contain pectoral, égide, egis, pectorale, and cuirasse.

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Ep 4: III (part 1)

III: *putting Humphrey in a Frilly Dress*

Humphrey: What are toi doing? *looks confused*

III: Don't be upset Edward *pets him*

Humphrey: My name is not Edward, it's Humphrey!

III: *puts a Pacifier in his mouth*

Humphrey: *spits it out* what was that??!!!

III: *feed him in from a Baby Bottle*

Humphrey: *drinks and falls asleep*

III: *looks at the Security Cameras and sees Nick* oh my! *runs outside*

Nick: Where is III?

Lilly: *sees III running towards her*

III: Stop, intruders!

Nick: Where is Humphrey?!

III: toi mean Edward? He is asleep. He is my new pet!

Nick: Lets make a Wager then! We...
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posted by WolfRaider577
Note this is based on the 1989 San Bernardino derailment.
The sun rose and jasper city slowly turns to life
Kate and Humphrey were getting Their pups for school, Garth was at his dads house after his rendez-vous amoureux, date with Lilly last night all of them live in a part of jasper city Jasper rue the only part of the rue they don't like are the train tracks every jour and night the trains pass par blowing their horns speeding par at 25 to 30 mph.
Meanwhile CN 71554 reaches the Highest point of the Canadian Rockies From there its all down the Mountain Hutch leaves the Train at slow speed down the Mountain what he and the train crew don't know that their train is already out of control
and there's nothing they cant do to slow it down
end of Preview
Alright, some of toi know me pretty well from the time that I spend on this website and club. I write stories, post a lot of pictures, and almost always post on the wall. I have plenty of respect for a lot of the people that use this club, and I apologize if I offend anyone from making this, but I must go ahead and warn some of toi that this will most likely piss toi off. toi have been warned so don't come spamming me.

Recently I have been going on the question and answer thingies. Well I have found questions that ask how Kate is an alpha and Lilly is an omega and their parents are alphas. Most...
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posted by crazyryan123
One morning Kate and Humphrey walked out to see loups howling in the middle of the valley. Kate ran towards them and said"whats happening" "Kate`s dad a dit one of the eastern loups got sick and died."
Kate`s eyes got big and her ears perked up. Kate began to howl. She opened her left eye but she did`t see Humphrey. She ran back to the tanière, den but still no Humphrey. He heard Humphrey howling in the woods where they Kate and Humphrey log boarding. Kate ran as fast as she could to Humphrey`s howl to see that one of his Friends where sick. (very sick) She asked Humphrey what happened he replied in...
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posted by REDWolfleader
"Yah my dad's a real scientist just like me." We pulled in our driveway and Kate saw my dog barking furiously as we came to the door, "Will your dog hurt me?" she asked fearfully, "No. Shes just trying to scare toi off but when we walk through that door, she'll come and sniff toi that's all."
"Oh. Okay." We opened the door and as promised Jersey seized barking(Jersey=my dog) and came over and sniffed Kate. Then we went up to my room and watched tv for the remainder of the night.

We woke up early in the morning and went to the air port and we had a one way ticket to Minneapolis. After a few long...
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posted by TheChriZ1995
Chapter 13: Apologies

Humphrey awoke late in the morning, Kate was already gone doing her morning hunt so he had the tanière, den to himself. However instead of sitting around waiting for his soon to be wife to return he decided to go out and visit with his friends. Surly they were still confused about the whole idea of him and Kate actually being together, so he would have to explain everything that happened while he was a lone wolf. He was excited to see them all again, three months felt too long to be away, of course it was only a matter of time until they were back to playing their games together....
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It was a sunny afternoon in the land of the wolves. I carefully examined the ground and noticed some elk tracks. Three weeks till I ate last. How much tracking before I can eat again. It wasn't like this before. I remember back when I could have whatever I needed.

~Flashes Back~

"Sir your nourriture is ready. Is there anything else toi require?" Asks a very young servant boy of what looked to be fifteen. I shake my head and open the dish pleased with what I saw. It was my favori casserole.

"Not that I can think of, please do be gone so I can eat in peace." I say waving away the boy before I begin...
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