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This Alpha et Oméga fond d’écran might contain anime, bande dessinée, manga, and dessin animé.

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(Real quick. I do plan on making this into an actual video trailer for toi guys because just écriture down what I came up with doesn't do it justice. Not par a long shot. It will almost certainly not be finished par the time the actual story is released because I still need to learn how to CG animate stuff, but I will get it done, no matter how long it takes. In the meantime, here's a description of what will happen along with a link to the song that will be used in it.)

Fades in:
Trailer opens with a shot of a large plume of smoke rising from the forest. Fades out.

Fades back in with a shot of the...
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Kate's Inner Monster Prt. 2

Kate opens her eyes and takes a deep breath... "Finally, I'm free
after all these years of being trapped in this prison. Kate turns around
and sees' the claw trap holding her down. With both paws she grabs
the steel trap and opens the jaws breaking it in two. "HEE childs
play, she snarls. In the distance she can hear the two hunters getting
closer. HEE HEE, I think its time to montrer these wanna be hunters a
little lesson! Kate turns around and runs into the blackness of the
forest getting ready to give these hunters a little surprise that they
will never forget.

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