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posted by kateandme
Dusk was on his way back to his camp, wondering if he should tell his dad. "If I tell him then It's that much let I've got to keep secret but then I brake the promise I made to Acashia." He a dit to himself.

"On the other hand if I keep it a secret then I don't emotionally hurt her and every thing still cool." He walked to where he and his dad stay and laid down waiting for him to return.

Dusk had waited for about an half heure before he couldn't take it any longer. "I can't wait for my dad... I got to get some food." He a dit walking down to one of the lower ranks.

The loup stood up and a dit "Yes Sir, what can I do for you." "No need to be formal with me, that's stuff is only for my dad, anyway. I need toi to go with me on a hunt..." Dusk said. "Okay, seeing that it's almost dark we need to go. The hunting area is right this way." The loup said.

The two loups walked into the forest, "So what's your name?" Dusk asked. "My name it Andrew... Hey, stay low and wait here a second." Andrew a dit getting low to the ground and silently slipping off. "I wonder what that was about." Dusk thought.

Andrew followed the sound of someone talking, it was about a quarter of a mile to the east. when he got there Apollo and Zeus were talking.

"Zeus, your telling me that your health has gone down colline as well! I don't even know if Dusk is ready but I sure as heck know Acashia isn't ready to be a leader!" Apollo shouted, getting irritated.

Andrew had heard what they a dit and creeped away, once he was far enough away he took off to tell Dusk what he had heard.

While Andrew was off looking for, whatever it was, Dusk was trying to get some dinner. "There toi are..." Dusk said, spying a smaller caribou. He sneaked up from behind, at the right moment Dusk jumped at it. He landed on it's back, biting down on its neck, Dusk head a load crack and the caribou stopped moving and fell to the ground.

"Well, That was easy enough." Dusk said, starting to drag it back to camp. He got about half way back and heard some one coming, lying low he saw it was Andrew.

"For the l’amour of- Andrew why did toi leave?" Dusk asked. "Your dad... I heard your dad..." Andrew a dit breathing heavily. "Is he on danger?" Dusk asked. No, Andrew nodded "Well then help me hall this kill back to camp."

When they got back Zeus was already their... dusk got him and his dad there share of the kill. "Here's, dinner... sorry I wasn't here when toi got back. I had to get something to eat." Dusk said.

His dad smiled and started to eat. When dusk finished he went and asked for Andrew. "When is it, sir?" He asked, walking up to Dusk. "What was it toi were going to tell me about my father?"

"Oh, right come over here..." He said, walking to the arbre line. Andrew sat down and a dit "I over heard your dad and Apollo talking about there health. Apparently the are both not in ideal condition. Apollo mentioned it this way... 'You mean that your health is going down colline too?"

Dusk looked at Andrew and a dit "So my dad and Apollo are in bad health... Okay thanks." "Oh, Dusk, one other thing. toi need to learn to be a great leader... Apollo a dit that he it's sure if your ready to be a leader, since we are allies it might be in your best interest to learn from Apollo and Katrina."

"Thanks for the heads up, Andrew." Dusk a dit walking back up to his den. He got there just as his dad was finishing eating. "Dad, I need to tell toi about something that happened today."

"Okay, what it is?" He asked. "I sprung another trap when I was montrer her the territory, when I asked Acashia to help me get down she uh... um, kissed me."

"I though I told toi not to do anything like that!" Zeus shouted, getting extremely angry with Dusk. "Dad, it wasn't me! and please keep it down, she asked me to keep it a secret. She didn't even want we to tell you..." Dusk said, getting embarrassed.

"Yeah, toi happened to spring a trap! I believe that!" Zeus a dit sarcastically. "Dad please I'm telling the truth, If she finds out i told you... She'll be devastated.

"We'll alright, but I don't want anything else to happen, and thanks for telling me. Now I need to tell toi something... My health, along with Apollo's, it rapidly decreasing rapidly... It's time toi started to ask like a leader, at anytime I my ask toi how toi would handle a situation. toi will answer and I will let toi make the command only if it is correct."

Dusk stood with his mouth open and a dit "I guess thanks! I will gladly take the challenge!" Zeus smiled and a dit "Here is your first opportunity to prov yourself worthy. See those to down there, stop them from fighting."

Dusk looked at them and nodded, he walked down to them and a dit "Wow what's the fighting about?" A black and red loup answered "This guy took my share of caribou, now he is going to pay!"

The black and red loup jumped at the other, Dusk also jumped but at the red and black wolf. He knocked him to the ground and a dit "Where's the sun?" "It-It's setting..." The loup said. "Now, go and get a rabbit ou other small game! I don't want any plus fighting in this pack!" Dusk a dit sternly.

Dusk then turned to the loup the supposedly a volé, étole the others share and a dit "If I have anymore trouble from toi I will personally kick toi out of the pack, GOT IT!" "Yes, Sir..."

Dusk walked back up to his din and sat suivant to his father. "That was okay... I would have handled it the same way but a little plus forcefully." Zeus said. "Well I have had a long day, night dad." Dusk a dit laying down. "Good night son."

The suivant morning...

"Dad wake up, we have a problem!" Dusk said, waking his father. "Crap what happened?" He asked. "One of the other packs has gotten larger and the are on their way to fight!" Dusk shouted running out of the den, his right behind him.

"So which pack is it? K-32?" Zeus asked. "No, I wish it was... It's Black Moon!" Dusk a dit sadly. "Dang it! Black moon has some really good fighters!"

When Zeus and Dusk go to the battle field everything was quiet. I think fog was starting to fill the area, I lone howl broke out. "It was Black Moon's leader calling for Zeus...

"Dusk he want to fight me, alone. Tell the other to on their guard, I have to go face him." Zeus said, starting to walk away. "No toi can't!" Dusk said. "Dusk that is an order!"

"Yes, Sir..." Dusk said.

Zeus walked into the forest, a half mile ou so in stood a wolf, it had a Black top, snow white underbelly, and red on his left eye and his front paws.

"So, Slash, if I am understanding toi correctly this it a duel to the death?" Zeus asked. "Yes, not let's cut the chit-chat and get to business!" Slash a dit leaping for Zeus.

Before Zeus could react, Slash had slit bit his neck and was biting down hard. Zeus punched Slash in the stomach, making him let go. "It will take plus than that the get rid of me!" Zeus shouted.

Slash snarled at him, he ran at Zeus and rammed him full speed into a tree. Slash then kicked Zeus in the head knowing him to the ground. With blood running down his face Zeus a dit "I am going to die in the suivant couple of months... But my son needs me!" Zeus stood up and tried to attack slash.

Slash dogged Zeus' attack and knocked him to the ground again. While on the ground Slash kicked Zeus in the head, chest, and stomach. Finally wielding the death-blow to his dead. Zeus howled out in pain.

Dusk heard his dad and bolted to him... par the time he got there it was too late. Slash was long gone and Zeus was dead. "NO! I WILL KILL toi THE SAME WAY toi DID MY FATHER, SLASH!" Dusk shouted.

He then carried hid dads limp lifeless Body to camp. Dusk set him down in his din, "I need to tell Apollo..." Dusk said, running off.

"Apollo, where is he? I need to speak with him!" Dusk asked. the loup pointed up to din in the side of cliff. he ran up to it and asked "Hello, Apollo?"

"Yes, what is it?" A voice asked. "I am Zeus' son... I must speak with Apollo." Dusk said. "I am him, come in... Is he alright?" Apollo asked.

"Sir, the reason why I am here is because he has... died..." Dusk a dit starting to cry. "Acashia and Katrina had just walked in and saw Dusk crying. "Is something wrong, Dusk?"Acashia asked. "Yes, very... my dad was killed..." Dusk a dit wiping tears from his eyes. "Oh my god!" Acashia shouted hugging Dusk.

AN: Hope toi enjoyed, took me only and heure and half to make. Thanks for lire and pleas comment.
posted by AlphaClub
I know I've posté this thing before, ut I'll gladly do it again.

(Fading in from quiet to loud) Ohwoahooowoah, ohwoahooowoah.... (8x)


I remem er, they would say, it's okay, you'll be alright, every night, I could hear it, I remember...

I could hear jt, in the wind, that melody, that they would play, every single day, to remind us, it was over...

And it went: ohwoahooowoah, ohwoahooowoah... (2x)

(Some plus Chilstep beat-bass changes to 5 steps each interval)

And it went: Ohwoahooowoah, ohwoahooowoah... (2x)

(More Chillstep, but gets plus energetic, as the end is nearing)...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 8

*Osaka, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Walking in the park with Garth*

Garth: *Sees a clown handing out balloons* What's that?

Nick Wolfe: That's a clown.

Garth: A clown? What's that?

Nick Wolfe: Clowns are people that entertain others.

Garth: Like Omegas?

Nick Wolfe: *Nods*

Garth: *Sees man with black hair, white and purple clothes, and purple eyes* Is that a clown?

Nick Wolfe: *Looks* I don't know...

Mysterious Man: *Walks up to Nick Wolfe and Garth* Oh, may I pet your darling dog?

Nick Wolfe: Sure.

Mysterious Man: *Pets Garth* Such a little darling...the paws, the snout, the eyes, the fur, like a wonderful...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 6

*Darkness Kingdom*

Christoper X: *Preparing*

Earl Kage: *Watching* This guy has the potential to defeat Wolfe...that vexes me...

Princess: *Dashes through, and grabs a brace with four different colored square buttons on it*

Earl Kage: Hey! Stop her!

Princess: *Jumps through a portal*

Christoper X: Don't worry. I'll destroy Wolfe before she can get to him.

*Toyohashi, Japan*

Water Wolfe: *Destroys a Dark Kaiju*

Lilly: *Sees a man in the background* Hey!

Christoper X: *Walks up to Water Wolfe*

Water Wolfe: *Sees Christoper X* Who are you?

Christopher X: Henshin! *Becomes Saga Wolfe*

Saga Wolfe: *Summons...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 5

*Okazaki, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Eating a fraise Mochi*

Kate: *Sits suivant to Nick Wolfe* Can I have one?

Humphrey: Me too please?

Nick Wolfe: Sure, why not *Gives them both a fraise Mochi*

Humphrey: *Chews it up and swallows it* Delicious!

Kate: *Chews it slowly, then swallows* Amazing!

Nick Wolfe: salut Kate, do toi remember the time I met that one wolf?

Kate: Which one?

Nick Wolfe: I think her name was Terra...

*Flashback, 8 Years ago, Between Jasper and Banff*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Scouting, and then notices something*

Hunters: *Beating a small, female loup pup*

Young Nick Wolfe: *Runs to the...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1

*Jasper Park, 17 years after those fateful events*

Nick Wolfe: *Log boarding, riding on both feed down a hill* Woohoo!

Humphrey: *Log boarding down the same hill* This is so much fun!

Kate: *Watching, rolls eyes* Boys...

Lilly: Still it looks like fun though...

Kate: Well, he is my big brother and a Beta. And it's still good that he's Friends with my hubby.

Lilly: He's also Friends with my hubby as well.

Nick Wolfe: *Lands on both feed* Ta-da! How was I?

Garth: *Watching* I give it a ten!

*Winston and Eve's Den*

Can-Do: I can't believe that adopted that thing...

Hutch: Can-Do...he's a working...
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added by TimberHumphrey
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 7

*Handa, Japan*

Nick Wolfe: *Looking at the Jinba Brace* I'm still wondering how this thing works...

Princess: I swiped it from the Darkness Kingdom. I saw what happened with Saga...I just want to say you're not weak. toi saved my life when I was younger.

Nick Wolfe: Terra...I...still l’amour you...

Princess: I l’amour toi too Wolfe...*Starts to make out with Nick Wolfe*

Nick Wolfe: *Begins to make out with Princess*

Garth: *Walks in, and sees them* I'll give toi some privacy...*Walks out*

*Darkness Kingdom*

Earl Kage: Why didn't Christoper finish Wolfe when he had the chance?

Lady Raven: Well, it...
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added by TimberHumphrey
i know this ain't A&O related, but i l’amour this movie and this song
added by TimberHumphrey
*Contains Sexual Content*
Kate And I Were having Fun Going Outside And Taking Showers ETC. One Night Kate Was Tired and i Put Her Into My lit And She Was In Belief
"Good Night Kate" Then i Kisses Her On her face
(at 11:00 P.M)
I Layled suivant To Kate And She woke Up wanna to see who it Was.
"Hey Katie It just me babe" *I Kisses Her And Touched Her G-Spot*
Kate Moans In Pressure " Oh Jhordan" Kate Moaned Replied
" toi Like That Katie babe?" I Asked Her
"Oh Yes Do it Some More" She a dit To Me
* I Licked Her G-Spot and it Tasted Pretty Good*
" Oh Jhordan I'm Gonna..."
*Kate Spilled Her Juices Out Her G-Spot*...
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Jonathan and Buddy were Lost it was only me,Lily,Hank, and Ashely and we were in trouble then out of the silence a ear busting scream from Lily
I ran into a side room to see her laying face up on the floor her eyes open but she wasnt moving as I picked her up a dog with red eyes jumped out
Hank-Don't look into its eyes it will paraylize you
I shot it with my MG42 and put Lily over my shoulder and carried her down stairs when I remember blacking out I can't remember much I guess it will be another persons point of view I leave u with a goodnight season 2 will be out soon.

P.S. The suivant season will be written par me but from Hanks perspective
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 My Unexpected Boyfriend, Alex
My Unexpected Boyfriend, Alex
Note: This contains M/M l’amour (me and alex) and a sex scene. As toi all know, Alex's mate, Sapphire, passed away today from Rabies. I was the unlucky one to put her down. It scarred me for life. Im not going to go to detail of her death. This takes place afterwards. Alex is my mate now (Katie and I are broken up temporarily and will get back in a mois ou two) and I am bisexual when it comes to furries. Well, Alex needs me and I will be there for him.

R.I.P Sapphire :(

It was a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. Alex and I stood under a arbre that was marked with a tombstone. This tombstone belonged...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I had just gotten accueil from work and was ready to be greeted par the l’amour of my life. But when I walked in the door, she was no where to be found. I looked in the den, kitchen, living room, everywhere.

"Katie? Baby?" I called.

I suddenly heard crying from my bedroom. I recognized Katie's cries and I ran into the bedroom, hoping she was not hurt. I burst through the door, a pistol in my hand, ready to see if anyone was hurting Katie. But I was wrong. She was sitting on my bed, a box of tissues lied suivant to her. She had been crying for a while. I looked at the TV to see a mother loup playing...
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posted by Alphaman







Go to to play alpha and omega games ou copy one of these symbols and use them for ur self sign up on my website foe mises à jour pics and anything A&O related for a few good people I don't know ur full names so sorry if I spell it wrong

Lillylover62, and I wouldt be here today if it werent for Redpyrimad and metalwolf thxs u guys ur all my best freinds
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Source: loup Maker 2.1 par Wyndbain on DA