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posted by lonewolf82
Ok so if your wondering what happened with my last series I basically ditched the idea and now I'm starting a new one hopefully this one will be better and I'll get plus comments. Note that this series will be in my pov. Read my bio to learn plus about my character.

God, am I hungry. I thought to myself as I walked alone thru the woods alone. "Huh? Who's there?" I sat for moment and listened closely to the sound of the birds. Then I éperlan a wonderful smell, blood. Oh yeah I'm eating tonight! I thought as I slowly moved towards the smell. As I moved I heard a low growl coming from the dirrection that I was traveling in. Hmm must be a bear...but that's not ours blood that I smell. I stayed hidden in the shadows as I moved faster towards the sound and smell. Suddenly I stopped as I saw the bear. I can take him, easily but what the hell is in his mouth? I stood still thinking about what it might be, all that I could see was a flash of white here and there flop around in the bears mouth. Is that a wolf? I crept closer and realized that yes it was infact a wolf. My pupils dilated and my fourrure stood up, and I charged. I got inches away from the ours when I jumped onto it and grabbed ahold of it's neck. Stubborn bastard aren't you? I thought as the ours tried to shake me. After a couple minutes I finally took it down. Once my eyes became normal and my fourrure went down I went to go check on the white wolf. Good looks like toi still have a pulse, I a dit talking to the unconscious wolf. Pretty beaten up but I'm sure your pack will be here shortly. I felt drops on my head, looked up and it started pouring. Screw me I a dit outloud. I went over to the loup picked her up and started to carry it back to my den. Tiny little thing aren't you, I asked the loup but got no response. Once I got back to my tanière, den I put the loup down in the back where is was nice and dry. Shit I'm still hungry maby there will be some small game left out. I left looking for nourriture and found a écureuil almost imeadiatley I picked it up and was heading back to my tanière, den when suddenly a arbre burst into flames. Wo! That was close. I a dit under my breath. Well there gies dinner, o well. I picked up a burning branch and took it back into my den. I hate rain I a dit as I walked into the den. The tanière, den lit up as I brought the feu into it. Damn you're pretty jacked up but at the same time your so beautiful. As I a dit this I decided to make it my mission to get the loup healthy again. I went back to the entrance of my tanière, den and curled around the feu so that I could dry off. Still looking at the loup I slowly dozed off. God am I hungry, were my last thoughts.

Hoped toi liked it! plus to come. Comment.
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Humphrey was working on the boat, when Lilly came by. She snuck up on him as he was putting on the cover. She startled him once she got to him.
“Ahh!” He saw it was Lilly, “Don’t do that!”
“Sorry! What’s Humphrey doin?”
“Not really much, just putting on the bateau cover.”
Humphrey started the bateau cover from the front so he had to go in the water to put it on in the back. When he got about two to five feet in the water, he cut his foot on the anchor.
“Ahh! Ahh! Cut! Cut!”
“Humphrey, what’s wrong?”
Humphrey came out of the water bleeding, “Oh Humphrey!”
He laid...
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Inspired par a true story. Also no offence to Kate fans

Humphrey woke up the suivant morning. There was something peculiar going on. He smelled Faolan on Kate. Then he realized what happened, She’s cheating on him for Faolan! He started to rage.
“Kate! Get up! Now!”
“Err. Humphrey, it’s early.”
“Don’t act all innocent! toi screwed Faolan!”
“Humphrey, I can explain!”
“No! It’s over between us! We’re divorcing!”
“Humphrey! Please!”
Humphrey got in the new car, which was a Nissan Armada, and sped out to Hutch’s house.
“Hey, Humphrey, what’s up?”
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 It all starts with this...
It all starts with this...
auteur note: This is hopefully maybe gonna start a new series if toi people like this. Warning this is sexual, and in this article garth doesnt exist, and humphrey and kate are still mates.

It was a starry full moon night and Eve, Lilly, Kate, and I (Humphrey) were in Eve's, Kate's, and Lilly's tanière, den after the moonlight howl.
*Kate and Lilly were looking at cave paintings on the ceiling*
Humphrey (look at picture): "Look at "that"" (he thought in his mind, staring constantly)
Eve:*noticed Humphrey taking quick glances at Kate's and Lilly's personal "gifts" without the girls noticing*: Whatcha lookin...
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This is my first Video of Kate & Humphrey. It would be better if my Movie Maker wouldn't crash all the Time!^^ A seconde One is in work
Im telling toi it's real here's proof
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