Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told toi about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't toi wonder if guys stare at your cul, ass all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare at my ass. So Humphrey can beat the shit out of them. He may be in the Omega Fraternity but he is ripped and can rip toi apart." Kate a dit giving a grin, but it turned to a frown. "Well, too bad he is on vacation with his parents down in Destin, Florida." she added. "You should be worried too sis. I saw some guy's check toi out." Kate said. Lilly wore the same type of cloths but different colored shirt. "Were just too sexy huh?" Lilly said. "Yeah we are." Kate said.

The two walked down the shoreline and Lilly noticed that where they were going, no one was there. "So it's just us huh?" Lilly said. "Yep, toi and your big sister." Kate said. "Don't worry Lilly, I am a trained lifeguard remember?" Kate said. "Yeah I know." Lilly said. Kate was not joking, she was one of the best lifeguards Jasper City Athletic Club could have. Finally, they were standing at the entrance of a small cave. Lilly noticed that they were on the sea lit but the tide was out. "Don't worry sis, the tide won't be back until a few hours, plus it takes a while for it to come in. We have plenty of time. toi may have to swim though." Kate said. "Hell yes I l’amour swimming!" Lilly said. "Well we came to the right place." Kate said.

They walked into the cave entrance and saw part of it was flooded. "Ok, look like we have to go underwater." Kate said, getting in. "Scar a dit this cave has lots of air pockets so we can get air." "Kate are toi sure?" Lilly said, getting in. "Don't be a baby. Just hold your breath and follow me." Kate said. "Well, ok." Lilly said. Kate took a deep breath, puffed it up, and colombe under. Lilly did the same. The water was cold. Kate could feel her hair free floating. Oh how she loved that feeling. She looked back to see Lilly swimming behind her. Lilly Gave her sister a thumbs up and Kate nodded. She pointed to the tunnel and grunted. They swam into the tunnel and realized that it divisé, split into two directions. They choose the left. Kate soon was running out of breath and she turned to check on her sister. She all of a sudden let her air out and grabbed her hand. Kate looked beside her and saw a jellyfish (I have Jellyfish phobia in all seriousness). She had gotten stung. Lilly then looked for pockets of air and struggled. The jellyfish swam away and Lilly began crawling on the haut, retour au début of the tunnel, trying to regain that Lost air. Kate swam to her sister, grabbed her, and darted through the cave. Lilly had passed out. Kate noticed plus jellyfish and she was able to doge them. They were not the big ugly ones, the simple small ones with the four circles on top. Kate then saw a huge pocket of air. She darted for the surface and broke free. She gasped for breath and brought Lilly to shore.

"Lilly? Lilly!?" Kate cried. No response. Since she was a lifeguard, she did CPR, that somewhat worked. There was still enough water in her lungs though to drown her. Kate then did mouth to mouth. She breathed fresh air into her sisters lungs. She did this until Lilly started coughing up water. "Oh Lilly thank God!" Kate cried. "Kate... it hurts." Lilly said, holding her hand up. There was a tiny mark where the jellyfish stung her. "Its a small sting. We'll go get first aid. Kate said. "Oh and Kate." Lilly added. "Yeah?" Kate replied. "Kiss me again. I liked it." Lilly a dit with a grin. "Anything for my baby sister." Kate said. Kate landed on haut, retour au début of Lilly and began to grope her sister. Oh how wrong it was, but yet, it felt so good. Lilly moaned as she recived her sister's saliva. It tasted so good. They both made out until gooey saliva started dripping from their mouths. "You are so hot Kate." Lilly said. "Same for you." Kate said. After making out more. They decided to swim for the exit. "There, all better?" Kate said, stroking her sister. "One plus thing..." Lilly said. "What?" Kate said. "Take your underwear off." Lilly ordered. "Ohhh." Kate said. Lilly began to lick Kate's exposed ass. Kate moaned with delight as her sister's tongue explored her crotch. "Lilly, lick my holes please. I'm going to cum and I want toi to hurry." Kate a dit in that orgasamish tone. Lilly nodded. Her sister tasted good down there. Lilly then came all of a sudden. Just the idea of giving her sister a rim job made her SAS the place. Kate squealed with delight as she came on her sisters face. "There, how was that?" Lilly said. "The best sex ever." Kate said.

After getting dressed, the sisters colombe in. Kate opened her eyes and scanned the tunnels, but could not remember which one it was. She looked at Lilly who was looking for the right one. Kate grunted and pointed to the surface. "Kate, which way?" Lilly said, a little nervous. "I don't know, lets get back to the-" Kate froze with fear. The small piece of land they had fun on was submerged. That could mean only one thing, the water was rising. "Oh Fuck! The tide!" Kate screamed. "We don't have time to check all of them!" Lilly panicked. "Ok, Lilly, let's remain calm and think this through. We need to make a plan if we go under too." Kate said. Lilly began to cry, the water rose faster. suivant thing they knew, they could almost reach the haut, retour au début of the cave. "Lilly, we don't have much time left. I'm sorry but we have a slim chance of survival. If we stay here, we drown. If we take a route, we at least have a chance, your choice. Oh and there maybe plus jellyfish. Scar told me there were a few in these caves. "I don't think Scar told toi anything!" Lilly said. "We have no fucking clue where we are do we!?" Lilly screamed. The water rose even higher. "Kate!" Lilly screamed. Kate sighed. "You got me. Scar does not eve know we left. No one does. I found this cave when I walked yesterday and wanted to take toi inside. We would discover it together. Name it after Mom. I did it for mom and to make me look cooler. I guess I am nothing but a loser." Kate said, she began to cry too. Lilly swam over to her and kissed her. "Your my sister. I think your the coolest thing ever. I've always wanted to be like you. I even dressed like this because I thought I would look cool with you. Kate, your cool. I l’amour toi silly." Lilly said. Kate stopped crying. "Thanks sis." Kate said. Now they were pressing against the ceiling. "Looks like were going under." Kate said, taking deep breaths as the water approached her mouth and almost over her head. "Kate there is one plus thing I have to tell you!" Lilly called. Her head dunked under but she surfaced again. "What?" Kate called. Her mouth was now underwater. She jerked up and took on last deep breath. "Im- blub" The two went under. Kate blew a bubble and looked at the caves. *MMMH* Kate said. The two sisters then could not choose, it was too much. Kate decided to buy time par motioning Lilly to swim towards her. Kate then locked lips with her and gave her air. Lilly felt the hot breath go into her lungs as she gained plus air. Lilly then transferred her breath to Kate. Kate received it and they went back and forth until it stopped working. Kate tried giving breath but she could not, it was pointless now. Kate and Lilly then tried crawling on the ceiling, hoping to catch bubbles of air. Kate and Lilly go a few, but not enough for both of them to stay under for long. Then they knew it was hopeless. Kate held Lilly close and the two decided to drown in each other's arms. Kate buried her muzzle into her sister's chest and closed her eyes, wishing that the pain in her chest would stop. She could not hold her breath any longer, she needed air. But what could she do? She was out of air pockets. Lilly let her air bubbles out and she and Lilly passed out. There was a current all of a sudden that took the two sisters through one of the paths that had and exit and no jellyfish. Kate and Lilly's bodies floated out of the cave entrance and washed up on the beach.

Two of Kate's friends, Hutch and Cando, saw the girls and they called 911. Hutch did mouth to mouth for Kate and Cando did it to Lilly, the girls woke up, coughing up water. "What? How did we get here?" Kate said. "Hey Hutch, thanks for that." "No prob, toi and Lilly just washed up shore. We thought toi drowned. The paramedics are on their way. Are toi hurt?" Hutch said. "Not me, but Lilly had a run in with some jellyfish." Kate said. "Yeah, it hurts." Lilly said. "Well let's get that looked at." Hutch said, "I am a medical student and burns and stings are my best work." he said. With that Kate and Lilly smirked at each other. "Lilly, what did toi say earlier?" Kate said. "Kate, will toi be my mate?" Lilly asked. Kate gave a disgusting smirk. "Oh yeah." Kate whispered. With that, the two sisters held hands and rode off in Hutch's vehicle.

The End!

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