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posted by r18
Every Clock is ticking fasterTaking trips around the sun
Another year, another chapter
5 and 4 and 3 and 2 and 1

Drop your calls, lose your keys
Before the drinks are gone
Get yourself out your seat
oh oh
Quit your bitching déplacer your feet
Until the break of dawn
Cause nobody gives a damn about the jour that toi were born

This song is for everyone who it ain't your birthday
You gotta party like it's not, party like it's not
This song's for anyone who is having the worst day
You gotta party like it's not, party like it's not

oh o oh
Party like it's not, party like it's not
Like it's not your birthday
Party like...
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Come Down With l’amour lyrics
Songwriters: Daly, Michael; Darmody, Nathan; Porter, Zachary;

I've been stopping at green lights
Got Lost on my way home, I'm sleep walking at night
I put my chemise on inside out
Umbrella in the sun, my head up in the clouds

My Friends just laugh at me
There's only one thing it could be

I've come down with love, got bit par the bug
I'm sick and I feel confused, I know it's true
I've come down with love, I can't get enough
I won't break this fever, I need her, I'm bit par the bug

I've come down with love
I've come down with love

You've got me trippin' on my feet
My mind starts racing...
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posted by peace101
As they a dit on Disney they were very lucky to were they are now. rock stars. almost every kid in lagrange would l’amour to be a rock stars including me. that is why all étoile, star weekend always remember how lucky they were to become rock stars. they work very hard on musique new songs and so much plus unlike any other rock étoile, star who gets people to it for them. all étoile, star weekend to me is the best band in the world.they tell me and a billion other kids the world that if toi really want your dream to come true toi got to believe in your self and try and that dreams do come true. all étoile, star weekend is the best band in the whole united states.