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 Taylor played par Beth Ehlers
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Monday March 28:

Jake and Tad throw a party for Angie.

Randi and Frankie make l’amour in the elevator.

Kendall plies Griffin with wine.

Angie admits she's scared.

Jake makes Amanda a promise.

Cara defends her brother to Ricky.

Tuesday March 29:

JR promises AJ that they will be a family again.

Angie feels a contraction.

Caleb admits his feelings to Erica.

Wednesday March 30:

Caleb learns from Erica’s maid that she has gone off to get married.

Jesse delivers his baby.

JR, AJ and Marissa reconnect.

Thursday March 31:

Brot and Jesse lie to Angie about her baby.

Amanda assures Jake and Cara she is unaffected...
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Monday March 1:

Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David.

Jake fears Greenlee’s going to discover Gayle.

Annie learns whether ou not she’s a match for JR.

Tuesday March 2:

Angie stands up to David.

Tad offers Damon a lifeline.

Greenlee goes toe-to-toe with Erica.

Wednesday March 3:

Annie faces a difficult decision.

Ryan toys with David.

Gayle finds a friend in Amanda.

Thursday March 4:

Annie manipulates the situation to her advantage.

Dixie’s spirit reaches out to JR.

Ryan puts his plan in motion.

Friday March 5:

David can’t believe Erica sold him out.

Greenlee lashes out at Ryan.

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