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le choix des fans: Koi Suru Fortune Cookie
le choix des fans: Takahashi Minami
le choix des fans: Minegishi Minami
le choix des fans: Omori Miyu
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Answer: What would I have done different? toi see I would h...
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ebihime a dit …
Anyone know when they're gonna announce the senbatsu members for the suivant single. It seems like they taken forever to release it? posté il y a 20 jours
-Miyuki commenté…
I'm sure they were supposed to announce it during the festival they had a week ago... il y a 19 jours
yui1234 a dit …
Why all these things r happening? Really can't believe it! Why Maho was attacked? Why the police isn't doing something? Why were the criminals released from jail? Who will answer these questions? posté il y a 23 jours
Sunmi_Nakamura commenté…
Who knows? il y a 23 jours
kittygurl commenté…
Surely not the Niigata police department il y a 22 jours
-Miyuki a dit …
Seen a rumored Senbatsu line up and all I can say is they should not put N3 members until they fix this mess up. Promote STU members instead of these criminals. posté il y a 23 jours
kittygurl commenté…
Ditch Dasu and NGT il y a 22 jours