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le choix des fans: Kaze Wa Fuiteiru
le choix des fans: immerse herself into a different culture
le choix des fans: Akb48
van Morrison
le choix des fans: Yes
le choix des fans: Yes
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2 fans a répondu à cette question
Answer: What would I have done different? toi see I would h...
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NagisaNoCherry a dit …
They are graduating because ta not sûr, sans danger in the group. Fuck AKS posté il y a 1 minute
Sumelo a dit …
Maho announced her graduation.
Maho who was assaulted par 'fans' after being tipped off par other groupmates.
Maho the girl who was forced to apologize to the public for causing an uproar
Maho was forced to graduate after it was announced that they would dissolve the two teams to make one.
Maho is going to graduate while the members who caused all of this are bring shield par their agencies.
Yamaguchi Maho is the victim... posté il y a 30 minutes
maedachan a dit …
NGT won't have a team system and both N3 and G will be combined posté il y a 2 jours
maedachan commenté…
...... il y a 2 jours
usernameinvalid commenté…
they did this so we don't know who are the guilty members il y a 2 jours