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okay so i know nobody likes going first so i thought since i made this spot I'll have the first moan lol

my problem is actually quite unique although i know some of toi out their will be able to relate to it
actually to be plus specific how unique my problem is under 50 people in the UK have it

as for what it is, well it has some fancy medical term for which i would have to go and look up but in lamens terms i have a tumor that has been growing since birth in the middle of my brain. Which trust me does sounds a hell of a lot worse than it is and fortunately it's not cancerous (well they're 99.9%...
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firstly just a little bit about why i've created this spot

i l’amour to help people with anything weather it be finding an episode of Buffy for someone on fanpop ou lending a friend some money,
and having come to have made quite a few Friends on fanpop toi guys are some of the most helpful and nicest people I've met.

I message quite a few people regularly and I'm not going to mention their names because toi know who toi are but I've quite a few cœur, coeur felt conversations both giving and recieving conseil about a fair few different problems and i think it is much easier to speak openly with people...
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