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Cake's Solo from the song Bad Little Boy. I made a cover of the solo and drew cake in her big rear ended shape shift
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bad little boy
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(From part one, Finn, the Knight of the Order)

‘Finn and Marceline awaken to an alarm clock, still entwined in each other’s arms. It’s 7am on the Island of Order. They both rise and Kiss passionately, and then prepare for the day. They both still have questions that need answers! As they finish getting dressed, the bracelet donné to Marceline begins to pulse. She raises her arm and a holographic image appears. Finn and Marcy both see the very concerned face of Angel Abadeer. “Good Morning to toi two. I wish we had plus time to chat but we found out what the Lich was up to. He used the...
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It may be aléatoire but its worthy to watch
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