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Newest video guys! With an Avril Lavigne song again ^_^
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Will toi Marry Marry Me?

A Princess is in her tower;
Protecting and ruling her kingdom with all her power;
She loves her people…that is true!;
But then I asked her, “Have toi found someone who loves you”?;
She replied, “Yes, I have found someone who loves me;
As toi can see, I have found my PRINCE, my HERO and my KNIGHT;
He loves me with all his might;
And he will l’amour me forever if I am right;

We will be wed at sunset on the jour that we met;
Everything is set;
And he asked me, Are toi ready?
And I said, Boy, toi bet!”

The night before she would be wed;
She found her fiancée out of bed;
She saw...
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