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DerpThatHerp posted on Dec 06, 2014 at 01:33AM
You'll get items in this transported into the game so yeah I'll get details from previous rp


Name: Tenia Dolvan Nickname: Nia/ Valina(Father nickname for her)
Place of Birth: Minnesota Date of Birth: Sept. 13, 1992
Gender: Female Age: 21
Hair: Dark Hair, nearly Ebony. Has a blonde streak in front.
Eyes: Purple-ish, right eye turns red on occasion.
Origin: Human and partially zombie
Language(s): English, Japanese, Spanish and bits of German.
Family: Father-human(alive, but separated) , Mother~half zombie(Deceased),Yui~human(deceased)
Likes: Cute animals, the sunset, cookies and meat.
Dislikes: Zombies, centipedes, and seaweeds.

Detailed description: Average in height, slim and paled skin. Usually puts her hair in a braid or lets it down, ending around the lower back. Usually wears an off-shoulder blouse with one of its sleeves longer than the other(right sleeve.), jeans, dark knee length combat boots with a slight heel, and a choker. She has a bandage wrapped around her right forearm(Hides a scar from a zombie bite.). Has a green duffle bag filled with guns, grenades , medical stuff Etc.( nicked from hospitals and abandoned malls.)Good runner. Although she's partially zombie, she doesn't crave human flesh or any raw flesh for that matter. also her being able to sense zombies and to regenerate are also side effects of her zombie side.

Personality/Traits: Tough on the outside, soft on the inside. Guarded around people and may seem cold and distant, but very fun and caring when she warm up to others. Very loyal and smart.

Skills/Talents: Quick and Resourceful, uses and specializes on long-ranged stealth and long-ranged weapons (Snipers, booby-traps, bombs etc), but she isn’t bad in hand-to-hand combat either. Knows how to cover up tracks well, and can make leave an area without leaving traces. Know much about zombies and their weak points and can take them down faster than regular shooters.

Background:Her father is an ex-marine and her mother died to a unknown disease when she was 12. When the apocalypse rolled in she got separated from her father and she lost her sister when she was bitten by a zombie and she begged Tenia to end her before she did any harm. She discovered she was partially zombie or at least she wasn’t entirely normal two months later after she was bitten but she wasn’t infected and the wound healed on its own only leaving a scar. After then she devoted herself finding as much as possible about the zombies and to eliminating them all. She’s been hoping from place to place.
(P.s She detests her zombie side.)

Religion: Christian
Attitude towards death: Tries to stay strong but ends up crying when she’s alone.
Most Painful/Instructive/Memorable Experience: Having to kill her sister after she turned into a zombie

b i o g r a p h y ⠀
n a m e: annalise skaði
n i c k n a m e s (s): anna
t i t l e: miss, madame
p e r s o n a l i n f o r m a t i o n
s p e c i e s: human
n a t i o n a l i t y: italian
p l a c e o f b i r t h: venice, italy
d a t e o f b i r t h: january 28
g e n d e r: female
p r e f f e r e d p r o n o u n s:
she / her / herself
o r i e n t a t i o n: bisexual
r e l i g o n: christianity
o c c u p a t i o n:
[ former ] ice cream shop owner
[ former ] employee at starbucks
t r a i t s
sassy, cold, narcisstic, sarcastic, defensive
r e l a t i o n s h i p s =
p a r e n t s:
jason skaði
[ father; deceased ]
maria skaði
[ mother; deceased ]
connor sinclair
[ foster father; deceased ]
s i b l i n g s:
luke skaði
[ older brother; alive but separated ]
p h y s c i c a l
long black hair, brown eyes, pale skin tone, crooked smile
m i s c
m o r a l a l i g n m e n t: chaotic good
a b i l i t i e s: swordsmanship, painting, piano playing, violin playing, gun firing, archery
w e a p o n o f c h o i c e: sword
m a r k i n g s: birthmark on neck, scar on upper lip
a l l e g i e s: oranges
n a t i v e l a n g u a g e: italian
l a n g u a g e s s p o k e n: italian, english, norweigan, spanish
f e a r s: thanatophobia

Name/Nickname: Alyssa Davissen/Sapphire (Earned the nickname by being a #1 top nurse in her city)
Date of Birth (& age): 20 Years Old, June 13 1994
Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah
Gender: Female
Language: English, German and Spanish
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Chrome (Cat) *deceased*
Class: Medic
Traits: Calm, aggressive, informative, affectionate, greedy
Specialty: Nurse
Detailed Description: She has black hair, green eyes, nurse apparel (sometimes when she studies), band t-shirt, jacket, jeans, sneakers
Background: Alyssa is a well known nurse in her city, she could buy a mansion with her wealth. Her parents died to an unknown disease. She had to get by until she was 17 and got her own place and job. She learned well and hard and was very advanced in the medical field, she could cure various diseases. When the zombie apocalypse came she hid in a barn, but bad luck a zombie were there first, she took it out with a potion she made. Until then she hid in an abandoned convenience store.
Personality/Attitude: Calm (I'm not doing another scaredy cat XD), sneaky, aggressive, informative, affectionate. She gets greedy, aggressive and startled towards others but is caring.
Attitude Towards Death: Cries, grieves but can get over it.
Religion/Beliefs: Her job and work keep her from having a religion, but she believes there is a God.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Likes to be in her own placen her head.
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Watching her parents getting shot in the head.
Education/Special Training: High School Diploma; College Diploma; Medical School; Doctors Degree

Name or Nickname (& pronunciation): Dougless M Harvey, (nickname: Spade)
Date of Birth (& age): 34 years old; May 25, 1979
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: human, Caucasian
Detailed Physical Description: averagely built, some semi-long vertical scars on his chest and arms, one ear is slightly longer than the other (though it is almost completely unnoticeable), stands straight up with no slouch, fair complexion, no tattoos.
Typical Clothing/Equipment: T-shirt, Jeans, Boots, Black socks, Cross Necklace, flannel jacket, Black and green coat (when he has to/when it's cold), binoculars.
Personality/Attitude: reckless, sorrowful, guilt stricken, caring, serious, passionate, heroic, brave.
Skills/Talents: cooking, yellow belt martial arts, mechanic, engineering, can play the piano and the harmonica, good with maps and direction, good with identifying edible and non-edible plants, is licensed to operate big trucks and heavy machinery, good swimmer.
Favorites/Likes: the ocean, the beach, swimming, rock music, cop shows, gardening, being a father, breakfast, hunting, fishing, Bible doctrine.
Most Hated/Dislikes: interruptions, disregard for human life, The undead, disease, parasites, storms, rats, the dark.
Strengths: good at planning, quick thinker, has good ingenuity (resourceful), calm under pressure, good Cardio, efficient builder/repairer, intelligent/cunning, good with long range weapons.
Weaknesses: is not a good enough fighter to protect himself AND others (can only protect himself), not a good climber, not tech suave, does not forgive easily, is not good with short range weapons.
Fears: Old broken down insane asylums, dying alone
Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, Hunting, Gardening, piano and harmonica playing, boat building, hiking, swimming, teaching
Attitude Toward Death: It's heartless and doesn't matter who you are, good or bad.
Religion/Beliefs: Christianity
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: death of his daughter.

nickname: hunt
gender: male
language: english, some rusty arabic
likes: silence, the outdoors, computers
strengths: trained in anything tech-y, does parkour, good in short-ranged guns, stealth-ish
weaknesses: copes with asthma, gets bored easily(?)
fears: insanity, too much of anything
background: hunt was deployed by a mercenary group in a zombie infected area, and his squad is killed, his base overrun and he only has his wits and gear to survive.
typical clothing/equipment: white coat (with extended sleeves and hood), grey pants fastened by a brown belt, often carries a holster with a loaded gun.
personality: aloof (on solo), sociable (on group), determined
attitude towards death: press x to pay respects
most changing experience: accompanying his professor in his death/ the first days of the infection
specialty: technical stuff
education: self-trained/multiple courses in computer security

more activity= more exp

Remember this game is more based on "actions you make" rather than "just kill everything >:D"... and be imaginative killing zombies aren't the only purpose of this game

Team Leader:

In the storage:

don't let the bedbugs bite! I meant zembies :3
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il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I received my share and stuffed a fistfull into my mouth. "Soo good."
I noticed James staring at his plate and swallowed . I tapped him on the shoulder. "Dude, you gonna eat? Because if you ain't can I have it?"
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
"Take it." I say passing it to her. Then going back to playing on my phone.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
"You serious?" I asked him doubtfully. When he nodded I took a quarter from his share and called Pido, giving him the bundle. "I'm just gonna leave the rest, you gotta eat something."
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
"Just take it." I say then get up and walk outside. Walking back to the arcade.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
Doing as he said, i took his share but left a quarter. He's bound to get hungry.
"But meh." I gobble the rest of my bacon.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
Walking into the arcade I grab my bags and begin to walk off.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I yawned sleepily. "Good night guys, oh Tara you coming?"
The girl perked up, her mouth still full of bacon. I giggled. "Ok, come up when you're ready."
I climbed up the stairs to my room and walked toward the window,opening it. "Fresh air."
I noticed a silhouette of a man down the street. "James?"
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I start walking out of the arcade, notice Nia glance at her then walk off.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
Running away? I sigh and climb up the supermarket's roof, not making a sound and trail him.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I walk into a alleyway, then climb a wall at the dead end, slowly pulling out my rifle in the process.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I follow him, hidden in the shadows. Where's he going?
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I pull out my walkie-talkie and begin to enter a different frequency.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
Huh? Who's he trying to contact?
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I put it up to my ear and hear nothing. "Time too get closer."
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
He started to walk away again and followed above rooftops. "What?" I have a hunch but it isn't a good one.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I run into a nearby radio tower and slam the door shut.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
What on earth? I moved closer and jumped on to the roof of the radio tower silently. I droop myself near the ledge of an open window and hear the crack of static.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I smack the radio a couple of times on the wall and get reception.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I peek in slowly and see him turning the dial for another frequency. He was successful, as i hear another voice coming from the walkie talkie.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I drop my stuff and look out the window. "So you're over there." I say looking at a observatory. "Yeah, Dog's dead." I say looking around. "Okay, Ill go there right now." I put my walkie talkie in my pocket and make a run for it.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
(Shit I feel a plot twist coming >:3)

James runs out of the radio tower and heads north towards an observatory. I follow.
Dog's dead? I don't know why but the way he said it didn't seem nice. It seemed dissapointed.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I hear a voice in the walkie-talkie and hide in a bush.
"Someone on my tail? Ill look out."
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I see James disappear behind a bush. Did he see me? No. Someone saw me. Well played. I placed the hood over my head, and shrunk back deeper into the shadows. Let's see who better at hiding.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I load my rifle and get ready too shoot.
il y a plus d’un an redpanda said…
I realize those two have went missing and try to find them, knowing they have already went far.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I open my bag and see strings of different colours, ripped off a ghillie suit. I then apply them too my rifle.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I see James ready to strike and duck behind a wall unseen though still keeping him in sight. For extra measure , I had my rifle at the ready.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I hop out from the bush and continue walking to the voice. "Arm the traps."
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I follow him, threading my steps. They knew someone was following, i had to be careful.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
Whilst walking a bucket of water drops on the floor, followed by cable's electrifying the water.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I hear the static and the buzzing of electricity. Then I see the water, Well Played. I took a deep breath and jumped from one dry spot to another, dancing around them like a gymnast. I finally got to good ground and worked my way to spotting James up ahead.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
"Fine. Ill do it." I lift my rifle off my shoulder and get ready too fire.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
"Oh shit." I muttered. I ducked behind a build just in time before, James randomly opened fire, hitting posts and dumpsters. I am not hitting him. Not yet. I made my way up the fire exit on the side of the buiding and madesure he thought i was gone.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I run up to the observatory. Slamming the door shut.
il y a plus d’un an redpanda said…
"Where the hell did they go?" I see a alley and walk down the path, as I walk farther I see Nia. "Nia what is going on here?" I say whispering to keep our presence unknown.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I then lock the door. Putting two metal bars in place.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I squeak when Alyssa suddenly appeared beside me. Then I relaxed. "James is hiding something."
"And what the hell are you doing here?" I whispered-yell.
il y a plus d’un an astigpinoy said…
"Mmmm, I missed the smell of grease. Care to lend me some, hubby-"
Rob takes Sophie into cover.
"What the effing hell?"
"Out of here. Now. "
"Far away now. You're so paranoid."
il y a plus d’un an redpanda said…
"Like I was gonna miss all the fun." I smirk.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I open up a computer and plug in a usb. Sending files too my friend.
il y a plus d’un an redpanda said…
"I wonder what he's doing in there, he's also been a bit suspicious lately."
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
Still sending files, I load my gun.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
I nod. "I dont know what James' is up to, but-" i paused loading my guns. "He'd better have a good explaination."
We hop from roof to roof until we reached the observatory. I looked down and see James beside a computer, gun in hand. But he wasn't alone, there were two others with him.
il y a plus d’un an astigpinoy said…
The smartphone beeps.
"A transfer, hmm?"
Rob taps some buttons and grins.
"Word documents. Heh, even in post-apocalyptic places, people stick to propietary shit."
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I put in my usb and a transfer sign pops up. I nod at them and hit enter. After waiting, take out the usb and put it in my jacket. Fistbump the person. I than load my gun and begin to walk out. I look at a piece of paper revealing a address then slowly look at the door. Hearing the cocking of a rifle. "Guys pass me the laptop." I put it in my bag. Sigh. Then run out. "542 Kent drive. How many are even in this city."
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
"He's on the move, lets go." I told Ayssa. "Move fast and don't get spotted. How good are you at both?"
il y a plus d’un an redpanda said…
"Pretty decent, I'll be fine."
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
'"Stay close." I tightened the hood on my head and hopped onto the rooftops, my rifle strapped across my chest.
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
I run into a alley and sit down and begin typing on the computer.
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
We appear above him. I signal Alyssa to my side.
"Jump him?" I whispered.