Adventure Time Make your own adventure time character toi will l’amour it! :)

redpanda posted on Jun 28, 2013 at 05:43PM
Getting Started: You get to make up your own adventure time character any species that is related adventure time.
You have to have...
#1- Play fair
#2- No short entries
#3- Cooperate with others
#4- Try to participate daily please
#5- Comment if you have any concerns
#6- Last but not least have fun!
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il y a plus d’un an nagato821 said…
Just like the last legendary Role Playing where I replied: But this time there will be the personality

Ice Princess

Full Name: Ice Princess/Simonita Petrikov
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Ice Kingdom
Age: 15
Relatives: Ice King/Simon (father), Ice Queen/Simone (mother)
Friends/Buddies: Finn, Jake, Gunter, Flame Princess
Personality: Gentle, Respectful, Good
Appearance: Blue Skin, Long White Hair, Blue Outfit
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 Just like the last legendary Role Playing where I replied: But this time there will be the personalit
ColinSkywalker commented…
Cool ice princess she is hot il y a plus d’un an
ColinSkywalker commented…
plus like cold :) il y a plus d’un an
roxteen13 commented…
Shes Awesome! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an astigpinoy said…
Will be posting extensive lore when I have free time.

Name: (Being inspired by Bulletproof Monk, he doesn't have a name but codenames he has, see the words with quotation marks) "White"
Gender: Male
Kingdom: Ooolean Brotherhood of Assassins (counts, snap)
Age: 21 in appearance and thinking, 13 from his creation (he's the preserved memory of his creator)
Relatives: NO ONE
Friends: Finn and Jake
Personality: Unpredictable (he's more of the awesome yet humble guy)
Appearance: A man in Assassin Robes (In day, Black with Red highlights, nyt, White with Blue highlights) with a multitude of weapons

dats all.
makemesmile1000 commented…
Man, your character's awesome. il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
man your a little weird il y a plus d’un an
roxteen13 commented…
Cool character! 😊 il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an LunaRay16 said…
Name: ivory
Gender: female
Kingdom: Willow Kingdom (located in the forest)
Relatives: Queen Maple and King Oak
Friends/Buddies: Marcelline,Fire Princess
Personality:Gentle,Protective, Shy,Mysterious
Appearance: Light Blue skin, Long wavy mint green hair, Black Outfit, Crystal Crown And Sword.
il y a plus d’un an ColinSkywalker said…
Vampire Demon
Kingdom:Cave kingdom
Relatives:Marshall lee(brother)Marshal lee's mother(mother)
Friends:Finn,jake,fiona,cake,LSP,TP(Turtl­e princess)Marceline(GF),BMO
Enemies:PB,PG(Whant to kill him for real)
Appearence:Light grey skin,black hair,Red outfit,deamon Gold sword (Made by me)
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 Vampire Demon Name:Colin Gender:Male Kingdom:Cave kingdom Age:15 Relatives:Marshall lee(brother)
True-Finn-Fan commented…
ya better know that only thing keeping toi character alive... is his friendship with finn... PB being your enemy doesn't hurt any either XD il y a plus d’un an
ColinSkywalker commented…
: ) il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commented…
^indeed il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
THUMBS UP :DDDDD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an jeweleryfan11 said…
Name: Avery
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Doesn't have one she is not a
Age: 14
Relatives: Her mom
Friends: Finn, Jake Princess Bubblegum, Marceline
Enemies: Ice king, she always captures her! Other than that she has none
Love interest: Finn
Personality: Fun, sweet, outgoing
Appearance: Aburn hair, and she likes red and pink
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True-Finn-Fan commented…
sound cute. X3 il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an pauleenmariz said…
my character! is :
name:vampire princess
realitives:marshall (father) fionna(mother) gumball(uncle)
friends:gunter,cake,lord mochonicorn,flame prince
apperance:pale skin, very long hair,pink outfit
ColinSkywalker commented…
My bro is your father : ) il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
So i guess u worship Fiolee, right? il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
I MEAN SHIP, NOT WORSHIP XD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an makemesmile1000 said…
Alright, seems like people are making plenty of "sensed" characters... I'm currently in the mood for "weirdness" so... Why don't I make a random character whose friends are random minor characters? XD
So, it goes like this:
- Name: She doesn't have a name, or at least she doesn't want to reveal her name. So people just simply call her "Random Gal" :)
- Full name: SHE DOESN'T HAVE ONE!!! (I'm inspired by you this time. Thanks astigpinoy!)
- Gender: Female
- Age: Possibly 13
- Specie: Humanoid
- Reside in: The Grassland (Kingdom)
- Relatives: Currently, NONE. She used to have a family, but they are all dead
- Friends: Emerald Princess, Choose Goose, Tree Trunks, BMO (I know, BMO's not minor -_-)
- Enemies (Not enemies, more like people she really, really hates): Hunson Abadeer (For some reasons, this gal really hates this demon dude. Probably because her entire family had their souls sucked by him), Peppermint Butler (She can't stand this guy as well)
- Personality: Mostly very crazy (but in a good way) and super weird, a bit creepy at times (She watches people while they sleep), has a good but pretty weird sense of humor, and - of course- extremely out-of-place random (That's why people call her "Random Gal", duh!!!)
- Appearance: Hazel eyes, dark moss-colored hair, a violet dress, beige hooded jacket and brown leather sandals; and there's the word "Random" written on her forehead
- She admires Magic Man
- Her weapons of choice are daggers with poison on the blades
- She goes completely crazy (This time, in a bad way) when it comes to squirrels and donut pizza (It's like, the pizza is in the shape of a donut), and can only be calmed down with licorice and a picture of a rainicorn (She's like, a BIG fan of rainicorns)
That's all. Sorry if it was so long... -_-
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ColinSkywalker commented…
Whata il y a plus d’un an
makemesmile1000 commented…
I've told you, I was in the mood for something weird! il y a plus d’un an
roxteen13 commented…
MDR omg so far my fav character!!! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an beige888 said…
True-Finn-Fan commented…
...-_-... knock off... il y a plus d’un an
makemesmile1000 commented…
*faint* il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
*cant breath* HELP HELP il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an True-Finn-Fan said…
well i guess ya guy's are expecting me to make one too... well here's what i got~
~note any time you see " it is Johnson speaking. :3

-Name: Johnson/Sarge (only Finn and Moe know his real name for they are the only ones he knows he can trust... everyone else calls him Sarge... probably cause of all his army getup he has on... or maybe cause his black leather jacket, that he periodically wears, has "Sarge" Printed in big white letters on the back... ya never know.)
-Full Name: Johnson Arthor Mershon (yes i'm giving him my last name... got a problem with that? XD)
-Gender: Male
-Age: 25
-Birthday: May 8
-Species: Human
-Resides: Ooo, everywhere but typically the Grasslands. (he used to have a home... but it's long gone now... he more or less wonders around and uses his survival skills that he pick up in the army to make himself shelter when he needs it... sometimes he stays with finn and jake when he gets too paranoid... sometimes...)
-Relatives: He has no surviving blood related Family... but finn is like his adopted nephew in his eyes. he's not sure if finn sees it that way though.
-Friends: Finn, Moe, Ice king, and jake... (a species of his own [or used to be] and the creature chosen to serve it loyally)
-Enemies: a lot! but to generalize most of the time it's anything that is undead or evil (in his eyes anyway). to name some well known characters: Marceline (undead... "*scoffs* punk"), Peppermint Butler (Presumed evil), Abadeer (Evil and Undead... "I've seen him before but i can't quite put my finger on it..."), Flame King and all his loyal subjects (evil), Flame Princess (Presumed evil... "better not corrupt my neph bitch..."), Magic man (Presumed evil. "somethings not right with that guy -_-"), Bubblegum (presumed evil... "*suspiciously* what's she always working on in that lab of hers?"), and many others... ~note: they don't know he's their enemy yet but they will... they will...

-Personality: to all those who he don't trust he is a quiet guy with not much to say or do... he's in and out and done... to his friends, those who he trusts well, he is a very open guy who loves to chat (he often tells jokes that no one gets excepted Moe [since all the references where destroyed, along with almost everything else, at the end of the Great War]) he's constantly thinking about the past and typically doesn't care about how his actions affect anyone but his friends and himself (the human race is about the only race that matters to him)... he has a 'shoot first ask questions later' attitude. he is a little paranoid but his paranoia has saved his ass more than a few times and it doesn't seem to bother him or the people around him that much... his enemies are often tricked into believing that he is a harmless pushover do to the fact that he talks to them in a sort of monotone and doesn't ever really raise his voice or interrupt. (he's not doing it to try and not be suspicious, he's doing it cause inside he's plotting is moves and seeing his options)

-Appearance: he has brown eyes and light brown hair, his hair is consistently cut short so that his enemies can't use his hair as his weakness. he is 5'11" (he secretly prays that he will grow another inch in his life so that he can break 6'). he wears his army uniform at all times... he only takes it off to wash it... doesn't have any other pairs of clothes (besides socks) but it doesn't seem to bother him much. "ya only wear one pair of clothes at a time, so ya only need one pair of clothes" he does have a biker leather jacket that he'll put on over his army uniform if it gets to cold or starts raining. (he found it on a dead biker some time during the war and decided that it shouldn't go to waste... especially since it had his ranking on it. ^-^) he's got a scar on his left hand... never goes into much detail on to how he got it though -_-... "got it during the war... that's all ya need ta know." he has his division tattooed on his right shoulder... once again doesn't talk much about it.... "huh? the tattoo? i got it after joining the army... *mutters* it was the souvenir i got from the army..."

-Weapons: he used to have two automatic rifles but they where too big to fit into his cryo-chamber with him so he set them outside... when he was thawed out... well~ "they were two rusty pieces of shit that weren't even good enough to be called scrap metal, let alone fire." he did manage to keep his two sidearms with him though but with bullets almost nonexistent he tries to preserve his ammo... he has his standard issue combat knife that he does use and a weird looking root sword that finn gave him "a freakin sword... kid does it look like i'm from the medieval era... *sighs* but it looks like i ain't got nothing better so i'll take it." he also carries a lighter and some vodka... "Molotov's anyone?"

-he was born before the war and fought during... when the war was drawing to a close he was picked to be part of a project called "Preserve and Protected" he didn't really know what it was but he had enough of the war... his Cryo-chamber was the only one in his area that wasn't damaged severely enough to brake... the Cryo-chambers had a fail-safe design flaw... if the timer broke then the chambers would freeze up and become inaccessible from the outside... protecting the frozen but trapping them in a stasis... Johnson didn't know how to help them without hurting or killing them so he left them... but once he finds a way to thaw then safely... "we'd be back... this time for good."

man that was a lot... sorry guy's
astigpinoy commented…
Awesome. Too bad my char is a dimension-cosmos-universe-place-time-space traveler. il y a plus d’un an
makemesmile1000 commented…
Your character's awesome too. Better than my aléatoire being *sigh, then bang head against the mur again* il y a plus d’un an
Earfull commented…
Awesome... Vote for the greatest answer... il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an lolliepop_97 said…
name: nalica
gender: female
personality: very smart, dark (loves metal music and gothic things),has no mercy for evil
parents: fionna and marshell lee
apperance: long black with a blonde patch in her hair wich is in a pony tail with a green ribbon, wears a purple one shoulder dress with a split down her leg she also wears red leather boots that lace up at the back, she is a vampire princess and has a massive crush on prince gumball (who is waay tooo old for her)
kingdom: dosent really have one but she loves the fire kingdom.
p.s. i would put up a pic of her but our printer is busted :'(
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astigpinoy commented…
MDR whut, they don't have a child. Better use my practicum in Necromancy to bust things out. il y a plus d’un an
makemesmile1000 commented…
This is definitely another Fionna... il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
Another Fiolee fan :33333 il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an selenafrenda said…
name: Arisa
gender: female
age: 14
personality: inteligent, little shy, likes adventures, not sporty but she want to be.
special: human and particle vampire.
look: Brown hair, green eyes, black shirt, short jeans, tall brown boots.
history: She was born in the real world. She was magically transferred to the land of Ooo. At first she was afraid to Finn, but he promised her that she would never be alone. He said he would be with her. Arisa fell in love with Finn, but she was too shy to tell him. It soon became clear that Arisa has family in Ooo. There was her father and sister, who were vampires (Arisa thought she had only her mother).

 name: Arisa gender: female age: 14 personality: inteligent, little shy, likes adventures, not spor
makemesmile1000 commented…
Why does almost everyone here make vampiric characters? Well, no offense to yours anyway, just askin'! il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commented…
^ i sure as hell don't want to be a vampire... my guess would be so they could have super powers ou maybe they just want to fantasize being a vampire... il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
CUZ vampires R COOL. Only the ones from Adventure Time, tho ^-^ il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an dynamite1300 said…
Here's mine:
Name: Princess Picnic Basket
Gender: female
Age: 15
Kingdom: The Basket Kingdom
Relatives: her father, King Bread Basket
Friends: Breakfast princess, Tree trunks, Manfred (the piñata)
Enemies: Lemongrab
Personality: friendly, a bit shy, gentle, inteligent, sarcastic (only when nervous)
Apperance: orange juice hair with fruit, yellow- ish skin, dressed as a picnic basket :-P
I posted a pic, but it tilted sideways, so you may need to tilt your head a bit :-D
 Here's mine: Name: Princess Picnic Basket Gender: female Age: 15 Kingdom: The Basket Kingdom Rel
makemesmile1000 commented…
Finally, a non-vampiric character!! :D Did toi draw that? She looks good. il y a plus d’un an
ColinSkywalker commented…
True il y a plus d’un an
roxteen13 commented…
Whoa did u draw that?! il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an rossgodwyn said…
Name: G (he dosnt know his real name)
Gender: male
Age: looks like 21 but actually hes 1000 years old
Friends: finn,jake,marcaline,and ice king(he thought him how to use his powers)
Enemies: ash (marceline's old boyfriend
Personality: friendly,gentle, inteligent,likes taking his shirt off
Apperance :kinda like marshall lee's body with prince gumball's hair,light blue skin,white hair,wears black jacket
History: Hes the first person to wear the ice king's crown before simon found it G created the north pole he was froze himself so he couldnt hurt anybody so when a heat wave hits the land of Ooo some of the ice in the ice kingdom melted and G comes out of his ice he first looked like a heathier version of the ice king but when he found finn and jake helped him with his look intreduced everyone in Ooo but when met marceline he instantly fell in love with her he still gets visions of hi past but like a headache
Note: please do this please please please
makemesmile1000 commented…
Interesting history 0_0 il y a plus d’un an
dynamite1300 commented…
^agreed.. il y a plus d’un an
rossgodwyn commented…
well thank toi Ive been thinking this through for a week il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an astigpinoy said…
Loar/Heestory: (OF MAH CHAR)

In his 3rd year of traveling the 'Net, he heard of a land that only one human existed.
4th year, he got initiated to the Assassin Brotherhood (but my char had gone rogue 'till year six)
5th year, he poured all his efforts to train as a literal Assassin of the BroHood and a Paladin of the Realm at the same time.
6th year, he accidentally traveled to the land called Fanpop and saw a ship in covered with grime and grease, only seeing the words "S.S. Adventure Time Fan Club" in Eagle Vision.

Then he pooled all the resources he had and joined the Shipping War after some years of retirement.
makemesmile1000 commented…
Wow... So, how he's doing then? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an beige888 said…
my dummy characters!
 my dummy characters!
DarkSideSkittle commented…
Dude i found this picture on a chercher once. Pretty cool il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an beige888 said…
and this tooo!!
 and this tooo!!
DarkSideSkittle commented…
YAY plus RANDOMNESS il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Jacobblu2000 said…
my characters name is jacob hes 14 has regular no super hero dog but he can talk his name is cody , he has brown shaved hair blue eyes a mechanical arm with blue lining wheres a duster with the number 17. has a house in the mountains usually stayed there until he saw the girl of his dreams her name is abby she has red hair she is human just like jacob and he has a crush ever since. thts all i could really come up with
makemesmile1000 commented…
Okay... So... What specie is he? il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
He's is a human it a dit it in tther il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
there il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an darkshadow1332 said…
Name: Roscoe
Gender Duh Male
Relatives: Mitchell (deceased father) Xandra (deceased mother) Marceline (wife), Marceline's dad (father-in-law), Vladimir (grandfather), Sapphire (grandmother)
Friends: Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King (sometimes), Marceline, Flame Princess, and Gunter
Love interests: PB, Marceline, Flame Princess,Thunder Princess, and Lady Unicorn
Occupation: Hero/Villain, Bass player/song writer, Singer with Marceline, Rapper, and Bounty Hunter (retired)
Enemies: The Lich, Ice King (sometimes), Flame King, Marceline's father, Marshall Lee, and Magic Man ('cause he took away his immortality for a while)
Likes: Freestyle rap, making music about Marceline's daddy issues, playing bass, drinking blood from his enemies, full moon, killing werewolves, swimming in acid, ruling over his own kingdom, his daughter (he's like the vampire version of Eminem)
Dislikes: Marceline's dad, anyone that takes away his friends and family, that heart guy (forgot his name)
Story: Roscoe never knew his parents kinda like Finn, but he was given up to his grandparents until he was 15. At that age, he was ready to leave the Nightosphere until he met Marceline and her band. He joined up with them and made many heavy metal albums, until at age 18, him and Marceline left the band and lived together in Finn and Jake's tree-house. They had a daughter named Black-Moon, who left them to pursue her dreams of being a singer like her parents. When Marceline's family had a get together in the Nightosphere, her father didn't approve of their love saying that day-walking vampires are a disease. This triggered an extreme hatred towards him for Roscoe. He vowed that he would prove himself worthy for Marceline, but she only loved him for him. However his arrogance blocked that out of his mind. Yet he fought them once, Roscoe, Finn, and Jake hang out once in a while to take his mind off his married life with Marceline. After staying in the Land of Oo for a while,his ties to the dark power of the Nightosphere were cut off. This caused him to sleep in his coffin until he was needed. When the Lich returned, his dark vampiric powers returned to him once again helping Finn defeat the Lich. He knew about Marceline's past with Simon AKA the Ice King and quickly formed a bond of trust with him. Even though he sometimes the Land of Oo, his evil nature takes over sometimes. This helped him gain more enemies than usual. But either his lust for power cannot be denied or something from his past triggers it. But in time he'll learn the truth.
il y a plus d’un an finnandjakefan said…
Name: Sam/Sam the witch
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Friends: Finn and Jake Marceline P.B Princess human
Personality: nice but don't get on her bad side
Relatives: no one knows
Appearance: red hair,pink hoodie,red torn skirt,white wand,yellow sandals
 Name: Sam/Sam the witch Age: 15 Gender: Female Species: Witch Friends: Finn and Jake Marceline P.
il y a plus d’un an LovingFiona said…
Name: Jermaine The Unicorn
Age: 15 (Or 150 In Unicorn Years)
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Kingdom: Rainbow Kingdom
Friends: Finn, Fiona, Cake, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, And Jungle Princess
Enemies: Ice King And Anyone Who Captured Me
Personality: Honest, Loyal, Fun , Fearless, Random , Funny , And Cool At All Times
Relatives: Lady Rainicorn (Mom) And Jake (Dad)
Appearance: Blondish Hair, Horn, Rainbow Boots , And Rainbow Jacket, Dress Or Shirt, Any Color Pants
Powers: Hypnotise, Telekinesis, Flying, Transforming , Can Become Nyan Cat :3, And All Other Powers
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makemesmile1000 commented…
Hmm... He seems to be... too powerful? il y a plus d’un an
ailley1410 commented…
so cool but i just want to say that jemaine isn't a good name for girl,but no big deal its your creation il y a plus d’un an
Erin_the_human commented…
Try making it less... Mary Sue. il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an CasualArtiste said…
Name: Tamer Princess
Full Name:Gabrielle Talermin
Kingdom:Animal Kingdom
race:Earth elemental
Relatives:Queen chef/Queen Leisa(mother),King Strict/king Jason(Father),Prince fisher/prince Kristopher(little brother),coach Prince /Prince Griffin(older brother),King hunter/King Nick(Oldest Brother),Sun Queen/Queen Carlee(wife to king hunter/king nick)
Friends/Buddies:Flight prince,Finn, Jake, flame Princess,bunny Princess,Princess Bublegum, LSP,fionna,cake,marshall lee...ETC
Personality:She has a calme nature,and is very sweet but if she is annoyed enough her personality changes to beinging grumpy, voilent...ETC
Appearance:Hair-long(pools on the ground, brown
Sneaking.out.garb-*picture below*( from left to right)
Royaly Casual-*picture below*
Bed time garb:*picture Below*
Ball gown-*picture below*
Casual-*picture below

 Name: Tamer Princess Full Name:Gabrielle Talermin Kingdom:Animal Kingdom age:15-16 race:Earth ele
il y a plus d’un an blummmbboooooo said…
name: james
relatives: Gunter(brother)Gunthalina(sister)flower girl penguin(mom)guard penguin(dad)
friends: banana man Susan Jermaine Joshua snail(bff) kitten choose goose Melissa Hunson Abedder
hug wolf duke of nuts Simon Moe charlie t.v. Kimkilwhan Abricadaniel Manfreid Dmo Jmo fmo bebe the jiggler recardio bufo woobeewoo villigers pup gang ogdoad lenny lich skeleton army prismo lemon john
enemies:cosmic owl trami tromo lub glub hyoomans why wolves n.e.p.t.e.r. princess princess princess
appearance:regular penguin(no clothes!)
pesonalty: obnoxious weird strange creepy
hobbies:collects pants from ice king staring at strangers shouting getting run over eating pb's hair going to hospital taking baby rainacorns producing rotten cookies
il y a plus d’un an pbadventure18 said…
Here's mine

Name: Emily Hallison
too know more about her read the story "the one" in articles
 Here's mine Name: Emily Hallison Age:14 Gender:female too know plus about her read the story "t
pbadventure18 commented…
i don't even remember posting this...o.o il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an animeboy123 said…
Here's mine

Name: Mack
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Hair: White color/ length: feet
Race: Human
Relatives: Mom, Dad, Bras(her worst enemy), Sisters ( Hatred to them goes to the core like Bras.)
Friends: Finn(bf), Marcy(bf), Jake( Korean tooter and bf) Lady rainocorn, Fionna,Bmo,Tree trunks.
Enemy's: PB, PGB, Marshall,Ice King and bad peps
Bio ( Mack's points of few): Its been 2 years since she locked me up In this cell whats she planning.Finn came with PB. I said " Wow you Finn the Human. Your tots math." Finn says " Why lock her up?" PB replies "she's a threat she took out all my top guards and the gumball garduains! She a crock!" Mack says " I'm not they tried to hurt me they had a bug a glaphalbathscared bug" Finn says "What's that in English please." Mack says "Tiny card puts shock on thing it's on and controll thing got it!" Finn says "Yes I get it." Finn lets her out! She runs away from all of them then gets taken by the Ice King. Finn finds her with the Ice King. "She's a fighter. Wow." Finn said. She helps Finn sometimes other times she running away from something she can only see!

Hope you like!
il y a plus d’un an OhLawdyOtaku said…
Name: Brielle Avdonin
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Kingdom: Ice Kingdom
Relatives: An uncle, whom she lives with, working in the Ice Kingdom
Friends: Navannah (Albino fox girl/friend's OC), Sid (Part of Fire Kingdom, other friend's OC)
Personality: Awkward at first, but then fun, rebellious, sarcastic.
Appearance: Long-ish white hair, always wearing a jacket, pants, and scarf, has a bracelet giving her powers, has a pet fire spirit named Frederick.
 Name: Brielle Avdonin Gender: Female Age: 15 Kingdom: Ice Kingdom Relatives: An uncle, whom she L
nadiarex commented…
COOL!!! I"D LIKE 2 CREATE MY OWN CHARACTER!! il y a plus d’un an
mclover1200 commented…
indeed il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an DerpThatHerp said…
Lol I will right mine a just have to get a picture it will be later today
il y a plus d’un an ailley1410 said…
name:flynn firebeat
rece:human hybrid
kingdom:fire kingdom
relative:finn(father),flame princess(mother),jake(uncle),joshua(grandf­ath­er)­,ma­rga­ret­(gr­and­mot­her­),c­har­lie­,tv­,vi­ola­,ki­m kil whan,jake.jr(cousin),lady rainicorn(aunt),ethel rainicorn(grandmother),bob(grandfather).fl­ame king(grandfather and flynn's WORST enemy)
apperance;blonde hair,lava cracked skin in his hand,chest,and the entire leg(making him can fly like firejets)usingfire tee,fire jeans(casual)
friends:princess bubble gum,BMO,jake.jr(BFF)and else(i don't know any people on ooo that still live 26 years later in ooo's year)
enemy:ice king and flame king
personality:cool, easygoing,flirty,but he's a bit prankster
abilities:firejets,throw fireballs,immune to fire,but weak on ice and snow

10 years later,finn marry flameprincess and they 24 now and they have achildren one year later his name is _____(look above)and they raise him properly,finn train him to wield a sword and flame princess train how to use fire power,and and for thirteen and half yers later,he's ready to live alone,finn suggest to ive in the treehouse,its been a long time abandoned when flynn pakced up his things jake calls for chatting,finn told jake tht flynn is going to moveout,jake suggest to live with jake.jr ,she always spend time alone and maybe flynn need a protector,finn thinks and said yes so now flynn liveswith jake.jr in the treehouse
il y a plus d’un an ailley1410 said…
here's the picture's of flynn(i use the character editor)
 here's the picture's of flynn(i use the character editor)
tigerfinn commented…
where can i find that character editor??? il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
wait finns dick must be burned when he makes up with fp so its really impossible for finn to mate with f,no offense right? il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
how do i change my picture? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an animeboy123 said…
big smile

Name: Cho Ito
Gender: Female
Race: half demon and human
Status: Innocent little girl who loves music more like her bio or motto
Bio: innocent little 10yr old girl who loves everything that isn't evil
True-Finn-Fan commented…
keeping it short and sweet XD il y a plus d’un an
animeboy123 commented…
^ yeah il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an sparkles3 said…
Full Name: Felicity the Human
Gender: I'm a gil
Kingdom: I live with my big brovers in da tweehouse!
Age: I'm this many! (holds up six fingers)
Relatives: Finn and Jake are my brovers!
Friends/Buddies: um... da toof fairy!! and... um... when dat fiwe-y gil came over, she was nice. I hasn't seen her for a while, though
Personality: hehehe... I like giwaffes!! Finn says I funny!
Appearance: I post a pic fo yor, but fin say i shouldn't. oh well! I wost my two big teefs!
 Full Name: Felicity the Human Gender: I'm a gil Kingdom: I live with my big brovers in da tweehouse
animeboy123 commented…
strange il y a plus d’un an
sparkles3 commented…
thank toi vewy much. Finn says I has to have good mannews. il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
cute il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an devonmay8652 said…
Name: Death
Gender: Male
Relatives: Finn the Human
Pet: Rainbow dog, fat, fluffy
Pet Name: Rainbows
Hat: Beanie
Shirt: black t shirt
Shorts: black
Powers: Death
Weapon: Syth
tigerfinn commented…
soooo death is a skelly head il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
arc en ciel DOGGGGGGG il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
no offense but,i dont really like this guy hes kinda unoriginal il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an plantinmypants said…
Here's mine:

Name: Hunter Princess
Full Name: Amanda G. Kennedy
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Elemental
Kingdom: Mountain Kingdom
Family: King Sorcerer (Sid), Queen Tamer (Amy), Prince Diviner (older brother Billie)
Friends: Finn, Jake, Flame Princess, Hotdog Princess, LSP, Marshall Lee, Fiona, Cake
Personality: She is a very daring and charming girl, but also very laid back and relaxed.
Appearance: Shoulder-length blonde curly hair,
emerald eyes,
skin is a little bit tanned
tigerfinn commented…
must be awesome *smile smile* il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
i don't like hunters il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Heartsbreak said…
Name: Devin
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Kingdom: None
Relatives: None
Friends: Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum, Death, Flambo.
Enemies: Lich, Ice King, Marshall, Marceline, Flame King, Hudson Abadeer.
Personality: Distant, Shy, Clumsy, Awkward, Sarcastic, Always depressed, Hot tempered.
Appearance: Short black hair, Glowing blue eyes, Black cape jacket shoes pants and gloves, Has a pair of Hookshots on his belt and has an axe with faces for blades on his back.
Heartsbreak commented…
i do not mean the oc death. i mean the one in the show. il y a plus d’un an
animeboy123 commented…
YOUR USELESS TO ME il y a plus d’un an
DarkSideSkittle commented…
D: why do all these peeps hav something against Marshall??? il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an sadiebug48 said…
Name: Xion (Japanese pronunciation)
Nickname: The Legendary Knight
Race: Human/Shadow Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Kingdom: None
Relatives: None
Friends: Finn (Love Interest), Jake, Flame Princess, Marceline, Ice King
Enemies/Rivals: Princess Bubblegum
Personality: Xion is a cold, dark, mysterious, and clever young girl, who's beauty catches the eye of all she walks past. She is also very strong, ranking to be the strongest girl in Oo. The only one she opens her heart up to is Finn, her crush.
Good/Evil: Neutral (Mostly helps good)
Appearances: Xion is a tall girl with an hourglass figure. She has short black hair that's mopped out (To Jake) like a sort of puffball, strangely purple eyes, light skin like Finn's, a golden locket filled with shadowy energy, a silver sleeveless armor top that showed her midriff, silver elbow-length armor gloves, distressed denim shorts that came to the top of her thigh, and indigo boots that went only a few inches away from the bottom of her shorts. She has many dragon tattoos on her body, and one is encircling her left eye.
History: Xion was raised by a giant black demonic shadow dragon, who taught her how to summon her two swords, which resemble Finn's sword made of demon blood, and how to send out black fire, the most powerful kind. One day, on her 13th birthday, the dragon disappeared. That same day, when Xion decided to go to a nearby town, the Lich came to kill her. Not knowing why she was the Lich's target, Xion summoned her swords and decided to attack. It was said that the Lich could control minds, but she wasn't affected in the slightest. She attacked for hours, and she was still alive. Soon, though, the Lich decided to attack, and it knocked poor Xion unconscious, bloody wounds leaving traumatizing images. And Xion was just left there to die.
Xion, still alive a year later on her 14th birthday, Finn woke her up. That was when Xion had feelings she had never felt before: Love and safety. Although, she was soon unconscious again. When she woke up, her wounds were bandaged and she was being nursed back to health by Finn and Jake. After two weeks, Xion got up and decided to leave Finn and Jake to their heroic business. She was stopped by Finn, who gave Xion the opportunity to "audition" to be with them, despite Jake's warning. She was allowed to come on their next big mission. When Finn and Jake were knocked unconscious by a giant demon, it was Xion who killed the demon and carried both the boys back. She told them her story when they came to, and she was allowed to join them! Thrilled, Finn, Jake, and Xion set up a place for Xion to sleep, then hit the hay and slept the night away... well, in Xion's case, most of the night.
At midnight, Xion heard the sound of someone's scream. She ran out the door as quietly and quickly as she could. She was inside Princess Bubblegum's castle, where the scream had come from, when she saw Princess Bubblegum laughing at her! Fuming, Xion went up to Princess Bubblegum and asked her why she screamed. Princess Bubblegum answered, sassily, "I thought Finn would come running in here. I didn't expect his understudy to be in his place." At that comment, Xion snapped. "Finn's UNDERSTUDY?!? Listen here, Bubblegum, I'm just as strong and brave as Finn and Jake combined! Maybe even more so! So if you have a problem with me, you have a problem with al of us! Got that, Princess?" Princess Bubblegum, having never been talked to like that, tried to put Xion in the dungeon! Quicker and more agile than the candy people, Xion escaped, having been banished from Candy Kingdom.
The next day, Finn took Xion to his favorite place. It turned out that it was where Xion was trained by the Shadow Dragon. "Finn, there's something I need to tell you-or rather, show you," Xion sighed. She stood up in front of Finn and opened her locket. She was embraced in shadows as she levitated above the ground. Her eyes glowed white. As the shadows disappeared, Xion fell to the ground, almost dead. She couldn't believe it: She had summoned the shadow dragon who trained her. Finn ran over to Xion, her body starting to crystalize. "Xion, don't die on me, please!" Finn exclaimed. "Thank you... for showing me the light... I think that fighting the Lich... was too much. I was only 13. I'm sorry for leaving you... like this." Xion explained. Finn gasped. A 13 year old girl fighting the Lich? It was preposterous! And yet, she still loved her savior. Finn got out the feelings he had hidden inside. "I love you, too, Xion," he said before he started crying. Jake came up behind him. He patted Finn's back. "Come on, dude, let's leave," he said. "No! We're bringing her back with us! Dead or not, I... I... Oh, it doesn't matter!" Finn yelled.
Back at the tree house, Finn watched the crystalized body of Xion. For months, he just sat there, staring. When Jake was away, Finn tried the only thing he could think of that might help: Kissing Xion. He tried, and from what he could tell, it worked, for 5 minutes later Xion was kissing him back. Finn had saved Xion's life, and he was darn happy about it.
Xion now helps Finn and Jake on all their adventures, and is proud and happy of the time the three of them spend together... even if she doesn't show it.
Fighting techniques: Xion uses summons. She will mostly use her swords, but she even summons them! She also uses black fire
tigerfinn commented…
nick: too much romance? what do toi think cold? il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
cold while nodding: darn strait nick darn strait *curtains covered the stage* nick and cold: its done but we just got here -_- il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
wow , this guy really is legendary... il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an tigerfinn said…
heres mine i deleted my other one:
Name- nick
nickname- black dragon,black knight
Gender- male
Species- human/celestial dragon
Kingdom- none
Personality- dark,a little sarcastic,braver than finn,adventerous,handsome,some people talked about him and a rumor said that hes dangerous and handsome,clever,sometimes out of control,short tempered.
Appearance- a light guy covered with red dragon tatoos and one covering half of his face with signs of igneel breathing fire,has white and red scarf which igneel gived him,ranked as the first strongest in whole land of Ooo,he wears an red sleevless armor with made of dragon scale,red hair,blue dragon eyes,red wings,double red blades on his sides
Age- 14
love interest: xion
good/evil: neutral(mostly is nothing he isnt good or evil)
Relatives- all is deceased
Friends- finn,jake,flame princess,xion
Enemy's- none
History- 14 years before nick is born he remembered nothing but one. igneel the dragon who raised and trained him to use his powers and mystically dissapeared and as he searched the land of Ooo to find igneel but failed(i forgot to say igneel is a fire dragon and igneel means ignite in japanese) he rested and stopped in age of 5 after 2 years he practiced his skills after he got true potential and hes now 7 years old and he searched again with his old skills and yet failed again after roaming around aimlessly hes weak with hunger and thirst finn found him and fed him and take him in the tree fort while hes 7 and finn is 7 they are both age and said"dont die"
he awakes and they are happy jake is there tears falling and said"your back nick" and nick replied"you know me?" and jake and finn said"yes we are freinds while whe are young" and smiled nick cant belive it it is finn and jake and nick hugged them and said"im lost and you find me im am now happy" and when nick is 13 years old finn asked if they would go to an adventure and nick accepted and on the way to their adventure they saw a girl who was being attacked by the lich finn said"we have to help her" and nick said:you go ill distract. but finn said: no it will kill you! but nick already ran to the lich and releases a black flame that hits the lich on the face and taunted: HA YOUR WEAK ATTACKING A GIRL WITHOUT REASONS! this angered the lich and ran after nick but nick is laughing as he ran the lich followed him and never showed up and finn helped the girl who is named xion and took her to the tree fort and there stood a picture of nick and finn being happy and togheter laughing in a picture this made finn weep. as the next day nick decided to go to the tree fort to go back after and epic battle with the lich in night and was badly injured from the attackes the lich gave him but was unable to move tough the wounds and nick was heavily breathing and the lich stands up and moved to nick in pain and prepared to kill nick but with an instant flame princess attacked the lich this suprised the lich and the lich used mind control on flame princess and attacked nick by saying: nick i cant control my self! nick shouted to the lich: IS IT ME YOU WANT WELL COME ON I CHALLENGE YOU!!! the lich laughed and let go of flame princess and attacked after a half of the day of fighting nick got weak but something barged through him his eyes started to glow red he summoned igneel himself and aided nick in combat and the lich is defeated and nick is left to die in hunger and tiredness igneel takes nick and flew to the tree fort and puts nick outside and igneel looked in the window and saw finn and xion together with jake nothing to do as igneel knocked jake said:ill take the door. and as jake opened the door he saw nick lying unconsiuss and almost near dead and jake yelled: FINN ITS NICK!! as finn rushed to see his friend but in his suprise he is near death and in hurry he carried nick to his bedroom for nick to rest and suddenly his shirt got ripped off in such damage this made finn turned red in embarrassment and covered him with a blanket and sigh as jake brings food finn took one peice and puts it in his mouth as nick coughs and gets awakened as nick coughs the blanket gets removed his body showed up again and finn yelled and nick said:what? and nick looked down he saw his shirt remove and finn and nick yelled in suprise and almost destroyed the tree fort with the black flame he released and in age of 14 he traveled through a small town where there is another celestial dragon attacking in rage a beam of darkness sourround me as finn saw it he tel to xion and jake as they went to the town nick is turning into a celestial dragon himself as the celestial dragon nick stomped in the ground which make the whole land of Ooo tremble everyone saw the black beam and ice king went and PB they yelled:EVERY ONE RUN!!!.as everyone runs celestial dragon nick is fighting the another celestial dragon as a black flame covered nick and the dragon to prevent everyone from getting in danger as the two dragons fight igneel who is also a celestial dragon breaks the fight as nick is calming down to see his master alive he got to the normal nick which his armor is tore down his mark stopped shining brightly(this is a sign that nick will turn into a celestial dragon)and as the celestial dragon deafeted they hold a great celebration everyone was there even ice king as nick sat alone everyone wanted to say hi to him and as they greeted nick in his suprise he was so happy from now on he was the first strongest in the land of Ooo then he started living with finn jake and xion from now on they were adventuring with him but one day as they are adventuring xion was cursed by a crystal spell that will turn her into a crystal in months for her to suffer in pain finn picks up xion and runs to the tree fort leaving nick and jake alone as jake decided to follow finn and as jake is running to finn leaving nick alone as he walked back to tree fort taking it for months because of monsters he met a celestial dragon egg with weird markings he left the egg when it rained he looked for shelter all he see is a cave as he rested there next day he got to the tree fort as he goes in xion is now better as he goes into his room he removed his armor and goes to his bed and slept for a while as he wakes up everyone was gone he think its a prank as he looked around the door to finns room is locked no reason why he knocked but no answer in dispair he left the tree fort as he got outside the sun is shining bright the candy streets are empty and same in ice kingdom he is beggining to worry at last he goes to the forest he found jake hiding domething and said:jake? is that you? as jake turned and said:oh nick cmon follow me! nick agreed as he follow jake as he saw finn he greeted nick and said :where did you go finn? finn dint answer jake said: SUPRISE everyone appeared saying suprise it startled nick and screamed everyone covered their ears because nicks scream sounds like a roar and finn approached: nick do you want to adventure with me jake and xion? and nick said:yes. as wandering to the forest wheres finn favorite spot are as xion speak nick observes the place and saw dragon footprints theres no time to chat in his mind he realeses his swords with black flame his tatoos began to shine jake said: HE WIL TRANSOFRM RUN but finn stayed nick said: i wont transofrm theres a dragon near us as a black demonic dragon appeared and left xion getting crystalized and as finn and jake ran to the tree fort nick was left alone with the dragon and the black dragon spoke: are you igneels student? and nick said: yes. this shocked the black dragon and the dragon said: show me your celestial form. but nick said: it only triggers when in emergency. the black dragon replied: then ill just crush you. nick: try it. black dragon: turn! nick to himself: this dragon looks stupid i just told him it only triggers in emergency`s. the black dragon stepped on nick but a light appeared and almost destroys the dragons foot and nick said: only emergency`s...
combat skills-turn himself to a celestial dragon,breath black red blue fire,be in celestial mode wich turned up to be a very dangerous mode that can destroy earth,fly,wield dual swords,summon a fire sword it depends on his mood if its black he is angry red if he is normal and blue if he is sad.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an snowwolf2000 said…
I'm still kind of working on it, but here's my oc.

Name: Shadow Queen, A.K.A Shadow
Gender: Female
Kingdom: Shadow kingdom ( I made it up)
Age: 18
Relatives: None ( That are alive)
Friends: Ice King ( IDK how, but somehow they could be friends), Her shadow cat Black, Marceline, Hunson Abadeer
Enemies: Finn and Jake, PB
Appearance: Long Black hair, Black ripped dress with a dark red bow on it, Snow white skin, blood red eyes
Personality: Weird, Outgoing, secretly kind of sadistic
Species: Half Human, Half Shadow ( She looks human but has dark powers like manipulating shadows)
History: Shadow's mother was half human so that's why she's half human. Her father was a shadow being who was the king of the Shadow kingdom. Her parents never let her go outside of the kingdom because she looked too human which would attract too much attention, so she didn't have many friends growing up. She only had her shadow cat named Black. When she was 14 Her Mother died of sickness and this made her very sad. She didn't talk to anyone for weeks. When she was 16 Her Father died because he was murdered. She took the position of queen and vowed to get revenge on whoever killed her father, even though nobody knows who did.
What she thinks of the characters:
Finn: "Ugh, I hate him. I don't know why but I do."
Jake: "It's fun to scare him >: D"
PB: "She thinks she's so perfect. She's so happy all the time. She's so pink. Naturally I dislike her.
Ice King: "He's okay. He's kind of a goofball. I'm kind of a goofball too, except he's more goofier. I just don't really like how he kidnaps princesses."
Marceline: "She's my best friend. We've been friends since forever. She's been there for me and kind of understands my past."
Hunson Abadeer: "He reminds me of my dad."
redpanda commented…
I like your character and I like how her and Marceline are bff's il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
toi mean dead in relatives ou deceased il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an milisavampire said…
Name: Malissa the vampire princess
Gender: Female
Species: vampire
Kingdom: the nightosphere
Relatives: [Mom]> Marceline the vampire Queen & Marshall Lee the vampire King <[Dad]
Friend: Finn,Jake,princess bubblegum,prince gumball, Lady rainacorn ,ice king and Queen and every princess
enemy: NONE
History: Lived with Marceline witch is mom and Marshall lee witch is dad forever
Personality: loves music and red and adventuring
Apperance: Tan skin, Gray and blackish hair
last edited il y a plus d’un an
 Name: Malissa the vampire princess Gender: Female Species: vampire Kingdom: the nightosphere Age:
tigerfinn commented…
i think its impossible for marshall and marcy meet bbecause hes ice kings fan stuff il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
^True il y a plus d’un an
Erin_the_human commented…
It's her character il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
il y a plus d’un an tigerfinn said…
Name- leo
Gender- male
Species- human hybrid (half celestial and half human)
Kingdom- none (he lives with nick and xion)
Age- 12
Relatives- nick(older brother),chris(hybrid father),nikki(human mother),igneel(dragon uncle)
Friends- nick,xion,finn,jake,PB,FP,gunter
Enemy's- ice king
History- hes searching for his missing brother
Personality- quiet,dosent like to talk about his family
Appearance- PIC
 Name- leo Gender- male Species- human hybrid (half celestial and half human) Kingdom- none (he liv
redpanda commented…
Um... he's awesome but his appearance is a little weird not saying that I hate him he's just unique il y a plus d’un an
tigerfinn commented…
its no offens :) il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
WOOOOW! I l’amour HIM!!!!<3 il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an tigerfinn said…
is this better?:
 is this better?:
redpanda commented…
Ya sure sorry I can tend to be a chienne sometimes il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
cool il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
i l’amour your drawings il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an nadiarex said…

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Species: A human with dinosaur powers.

Friends: Finn, Jake , Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, BMO, Marceline, Susan Strong, and Lady Rainacorn.

Appearance: Blond hair that flows down to her waist, and has super dinosaur powers such as super-speed, ability to see clearly in the dark, super strength, and lazer eyes.

Personality: A little stubborn, dominant, intelligent, loyal, fun and a born leader.

Relatives: only has a father( DINOSAUR KIG ). Dinora"s mother was killed by the Ice Queen when Dinora was very young. Dinosaur King had banned all Dinora"s relatives from their kingdom for unknown reasons.

Enemies: Ice Queen, Ice King, Ash, The Lynch, and King Worm.

tigerfinn commented…
yet ice Queen is ice kings fanfiction yet WTF A FREAKING DINO *censored* a human? thats is sooo creepy thank toi for putting that image in my head now i cant sleep XD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an ellie40150 said…
species:part fire part human
personality:just like her moms :)
family:flame princess (mom) finn (dad) david (brother)
kingdom:fire kingdom and finn and gake's home
past: she was born with her twin brother david in the real world in a old house and left there and a widow find them and cared for then then when they were 8 they somehow got to Ooo and met there parents and now they live there
look: she looks a lot like her mom but her hair is down and shes in shorts and a short sleve tee-shrt
love: mark a human she met in the real world that cam wif her
friends: everyone rily shes friends with everyone

ellie40150 commented…
sorry about the spelling I was in a hurry il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
No problem :) il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an scaryjayz said…
Name: Ryan Hernandez
Gender: male
Age: 17
Race: vampire
Relatives: brother (Marshall) sister (marceline) dad
Friends: tommy ( punk warrior oc ) zero ( goth inventor )
Pets : small skeleton warrior
Bio: is the youngest of all the siblings and is ver naive chilled back and fun he's lived in the nightosphere all his life and has only gone to the ooh once and is dad's favorite
 Name: Ryan Hernandez Gender: male Age: 17 Race: vampire Relatives: brother (Marshall) sister
DerpThatHerp commented…
cool :D il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
Cool bro :) il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commented…
if he's an abadeer... then why is his last name hernandez? XD il y a plus d’un an
FrankyBaby5 commented…
amaing!!!:D il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an brondgirl said…
Name: Diamond Waterpyre
Gender: Girl
Species: Water Princess
Kingdom: Atlantis
Age: 14
Relatives: Older sister Amethyst and her twin Eryx. Her parents are Poseidon and Aphrodite
Friends: Her siblings, Finn, Jake and Bear (In Your Footsteps)
Enemy's: The whole fire kingdom.
History: She always wanted to see the world on the ground, but her father dont want her to see the air breathing creatures.One day she did it and met the bear and startet to talk to the bear very often. One day Finn and Jake came and she regonised Finn (because of the bears clothes). So she tried to talk to himbut he's very scared because duh? he's scared of water.
Personality: Sweet, Emotional, Shy and Gentle
Appearance: Im going to make a art C:

Sorry for the history, its sick.
redpanda commented…
I don't think Finn would be afraid of her I think he would just be shocked. il y a plus d’un an
True-Finn-Fan commented…
he's not scared of water... he's scared of the ocean... significant difference, although after going through all that stuff with FP would leave him a little shell shocked and probably little 'gun shy' about elemental's il y a plus d’un an
redpanda commented…
He wouldn't be afraid of the thing he drinks XD il y a plus d’un an
brondgirl commented…
big fail, haha. Sorry xD il y a plus d’un an
il y a plus d’un an Erin_the_human said…
Name: Max
Gender: Boy
Species: Human/Cat
Kingdom: no kingdom
Age: 13
Relatives: Nora (mom, human), Peter (dad, cat), Oliver (brother, cat)
Friends:(oc's first) Erin, Autumn, Julia, ocean/tear prince(real characters) Fiona, Prince gumball, cake, Finn, jake, marceline, Princess bubblegum.
Enemy: (oc's first) placenta king,(real characters) marshal lee, ice queen
History: A born adventurer. Always in trouble. Him and his brother competed a lot. the age of 8, got separated from his parents and older brother. He had been searching for them ever since. One day he bumped into a group of crazy adventurers, and their friendship blossoms.
Personality: Sweet, kind, adventurer, competitive, trouble maker, emotional, out going. Hates bow ties and ties because they feel like a collar.
Appearance: brown hoody, grey pants, white hair, grey cat ears and tail, fangs(look like vampire fangs), pale skin colour, pouch tied to his waist, small battle axe.
last edited il y a plus d’un an
 Name: Max Gender: Boy Species: Human/Cat Kingdom: no kingdom Age: 13 Relatives: Nora (mom, huma
redpanda commented…
Aww I like this one :) il y a plus d’un an
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Thanks ^_^ il y a plus d’un an
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Name: Erin
Gender: girl
Species: human
Kingdom: none
Age: 13
Relatives: Autumn(older sister)
Friends: Julia, Max, tear, Fiona, marshal lee, prince gumball, Cake, Jake, finn, Marceline, Princess bubblegum.
Enemy's: Placenta king, ice king
History: grey up a normal life with her sister. Everything went wrong when she followed her curiosity. she Learned alchemy, got her left leg cut off and replaced with a metal one, became an expert sword fighter, and learned to use 3d maneuver gear, and lost her memories of everything. She finally decided to come to the land of ooo, with her best friend who happens to be a wizard, expecting it to be one of her easiest adventures yet, but of course she's terribly wrong. The placenta king "bumps" into her, and begins hurling placentas at her!
Personality: quiet, kind, adventurer, fighter, shy, sarcastic, naive to some extent, sensitive, emotional, weak physically, strong mentally.
Appearance: short blond hair, green eyes, short, wears strange hoodies and hats, crown, colour changing crystal sword, domo backpack.
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 Name: Erin Gender: girl Species: human Kingdom: none Age: 13 Relatives: Autumn(older sister) F
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Name: Tear
gender: boy
species: water element
kingdom: Water
age: 18
relatives: Tidal (father/king)
friends: Erin, Autumn, Max, Turtle Princess, Marshall lee, Julia, cake, Fionna, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess bubblegum
enemy's: Placenta king, Ice king, flame prince, Lsp
History: He was raised to become the king of the ocean. Tear preferred the comfort of home to the thrill of adventure. He barely even left the castle until he discovered books. After that he practically lived in the library. he would of taken the books home with him, but he lives in the water and water doesn't exactly agree with paper. Turtle princess and him became good friends, and they enjoyed discussing books together. His interest for ruling was lost, and he became obsessed with books. His father became angry with his lack of physical activity and contact with anybody that he sent him far off into the land for an adventure. he shortly met Erin, Autumn, Max, Fionna, and Cake, and all together they adventured.
Personality: Quiet, calm, shy, smart, no sense of humor, gentle.
Appearance: Long light blue hair, baby blue skin, Blue crystal on his head, Plad Shirt, blue pants, big black boots, white water staff, FANNY PACK OF BOOKS!
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 Name: Tear gender: boy species: water element kingdom: Water age: 18 relatives: Tidal (father/k
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Name: Julia
gender: girl
species: Human/Wizard
kingdom: None
age: 13
Relatives: mom, dad, Marie (pronounced Mar-y not mary. sister)
Friends: Erin, Autumn, Max, Tear, Marshal lee, Finn, jake, cake, Prince gumball, princess bubblegum, Marceline, Lsp
Enemy's: Placenta king, ice king
History: Erin, her bff, decided to take her on an adventure and show her that her stories she had told her were all real. She practiced in becoming a wizard, and ends up in ooo.
Personality: Outgoing, impatient, kind, funny
Appearance: Longish brown hair normally done in a pony tail, but sometimes puts it up in wacky ways, likes to wear her Hogwarts uniform, and always carries her wand. She has a little black back-pack full of magical wand tape.
 Name: Julia gender: girl species: Human/Wizard kingdom: None age: 13 Relatives: mom, dad, Marie
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I have many OCs, but this is the most recent and probably my favorite ^.^

Name: Llyth

Gender: Female

Species: Ghost

Kingdom: None

Age: 148(Appears 15)

Relatives: None(Deceased)

Friends: Angi(My other OC), Marceline, Whyatt(Explanation further down c: )(She doesn't have many friends yet ._.)

Enemies: None specifique

History: She grew up in a small village in the mountains, but around the age of 14 she was killed by the cold. She was cursed to remain a spirit until she can find rest.
She lives in a small shack near the foot of the mountain where she used to live.

Personality: Cold and distant when you don't know her well. But when you get to know her, she's really
friendly, silly and loves company. She doesn't like talking about death.

Appearance: She has very pale skin(Because she's a ghost y'know) and long white hair. She wears a light blue sweater, which is too big. She also wears a pair of small leather shoes and a pair of white (almost)kneesocks
Weapon of choice: Her sledgehammer named Whyatt

Things to note: She can turn invisible at will, she will always tell others to dress up warmly(She's weird m'kay?), she's afraid of mooses, she has autophobia(Fear of being alone)

So yeah, I'm sorry the picture is a little blurry ^.^'
Also, if there are any mistakes in my grammar, keep in mind that english isn't my first language :)
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 I have many OCs, but this is the most récent and probably my favori ^.^ Name: Llyth Gender: F
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Are you a good puzzle solver? Like mystery? Check this out! It's a finished character with an unfinished story. =) I'm very new to this site but i love adventure time so i figured "Why not?" lol. and if anyone who is good at drawing could draw this guy for me, that'd be awesome... i hope you guys like it haha =) (also, constructive criticism or anything like that is encouraged if i did something wrong... sorry....)

Name- Nomasuu (no-Maw-sue)

Gender- Male

Species- Human/Crystal Person

Kingdom- City of Thieves (City located on a giant turtle, in no kingdom)

Age- 970 (years... will explain later) but only 19-20 in looks

Relatives- King of Thieves (father); Crystal Maiden (mother)

Friends- None yet

Enemy's- All Evil beings and...... Finn and Jake..... yep..... guess you'll have to read the history =P

Personality- Easy going. People pleaser. Unknowingly flirtatious. Easily nervous around pretty girls (pricesses). Introvert.

Appearance- Basic human appearance. Dark brown hair, soft light brown (golden almost) eyes, approximately 5'11" with and a lean 160 lbs. Yet is said to (surprisingly) not look a Thing like his father because we assume that his father was a spanish pirate before the Mushroom war, and claimed that small city afterwards.... The only attributes of Crystal Person that he has are his bones and cell structure. His bones being crystalline in structure make them much stronger than normal human bones, by about 5 times. Also, properties of the Crystal people reside in his uncanny young adulthood appearance. The cells in his body do not reproduce at the normal rate, it's Much slower, but they do not wither and die either. This creates a problem though, any sort of large tissue or bone damage done, although hard to do, is irreversible. small bruises heal, cuts do too, but leave scars behind. He has scars from his younger years, before the crystalline molecules took over. He is under no circumstances invincible, but he is a force to be reckoned with. No super powers, just heightened senses/reflexes within peak human range, the normal 5 senses, but also including Magnetoreception (direction), Depth (you can see all 3 dimensions and tell distances etc.), Equilibrioception (balance), Chronoception (the ability to approximate how much time has passed or is needed), and proprioception (you know exactly where your arms, legs, body parts are, without seeing them. Close your eyes and touch your nose. How did you know it was there? Pretty cool huh? :) ) His clothing includes a very dark red hoodie, hood large enough to shadow his eyes when drawn but doesn't hinder any peripheral vision, with a hidden mouth cover that can be pulled up from the inside up to his nose. Black, drop crotch pants that become tight as they progress down the leg so as not to get caught on anything, yet loose enough at the waist to allow freedom of movement, very thin, rip resistant shoes (imagine something like toms) and no fingerprints (his father ridded him of them when he was younger)

History- Being brought up as the son of the King of Thieves, and his mother not around (circumstances and reasons unknown by anyone except the King) he has extensive knowledge on criminal behavior. He has grown up in a horrible environment, but did not embrace it. He has read books, (stolen by others and left around) about the outside world and how it functions. From this, he has become embarrassed by the culture that he lived in and escaped From the Turtle Shell City (City of Thieves) He was not present when Finn and Jake went there, he was gone by then and has yet to meet them. Although he does not like stealing, he feels compelled to when he sees the poor, living in boxes under bridges or on the side of the path. It's never anything that can't be replaced, but he still feels guilty for taking things. Words spreads fast in Ooo when small things are being taken, and no one is ever caught. If he is to meet Finn and Jake he is sure to lose a fight. But to out run them and hide is a natural born talent that i doubt they could match or find a resolution to. His much younger years are a bit of a mystery, little is known about him except when he visits the fortune-telling pal-tricking dragon, who told him that his father wasn't his father.... he was kidnapped.... and that he should seek out a woman named Lady Rainacorn when he figures out the Puzzle de Nombres....

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NAME: Jeremiah Allen
KINGDOM: Kingdom of the Forge
FAMILY: Hephaestus(Father), Emily Allen(Mother), many brothers and sisters
FRIENDS: Finn and Jake
ENEMIES: many monsters and Humans in his homeland.
APEARENCE: Blonde/gold hair, tanned skin, silver eyes, Wears a cloak from his homeland, a jacket under the cloak, a tee shirt, regular blue jeans, hiking boots and goggles.
WEAPONS: Bow and Arrows, Giant sword (named Reaper)

BACK STORY: He was born a demi-god. The son of Hephaestus,he learned to make weapons and armor. Then, one day he made the ultimate weapon, Reaper, his father was impressed.One day after that, Jeremiah decided to go on an adventure.He wanted to go return home after he became a legend like his father.On one adventure Jeremiah was backed into a corner by a powerful monster.His sword was on the ground behind the monster. he couldn't get to his sword and fury boiled his skin, then, BOOM, Fire shot from his hands. He gain a new ability on his way to becoming a legend.