Ok. Before I start, I know this is kinda old news, but as I was a lot busy in the last year, I didn't hear about this until very recently. So that's why I'm kinda late with my reaction.

Now, we all know that they are making a reboot of Independence Day called Resurgence that is going to come out this year. At first, I was really excited about that movie, because I really loved the original and I'm a huge alien geek!

But then, I learned that they had recasted the character of Patricia Whitmore, the President's daughter. And I found myself asking, why? Because, the original actress is Mae Whitman and it's not like she's one of those kids actors that dropped out of jouer la comédie ou whatever. She's a talented actress who makes films and has a great career.

Mae Whitman as Patricia Whitmore in Independence Day, 1996

Then I made my research. Maybe Whitman wasn't available for the movie. But turns out, she wasn't even considered for the role! They had a short-list of actrices that they wanted for the role, and Whitman wasn't even on it. link

So apparently, this gorgeous creature (see image below) wasn't 'hot and 'very conventionally attractive' enough to play Liam Hemsworth's l’amour interest. What does it tells us about Hollywood's standards? That they're pigs! I mean, what the hell? She's gorgeous, she's talented, she's witty, she's smart, she's funny. Why not cast her in her own role! That doesn't make any sense! It's completely ridiculous and disgusting!

Mae Whitman, today

No, instead they casted Maika Monroe, a fairly new actress, that we don't really know a lot yet. Who so far is known to have played in It Follows and The Guest. I have nothing against her, at all! This article is not meant to chienne about ou insult neither Monroe ou her work.

But the question I ask myself is, why cast an actress that people barely know into a role to which they already had an actress, a known and talented one. An actress we've seen ever since she was a kid, who has a really long filmography, who played in a lot of things like; Arrested Development, Parenthood, Scott Pilgrim, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The DUFF, etc, etc.

Maika Monroe

The only reason is that the producers, the director, Roland Emmerich (who had initially casted Whitman twenty years ago!) and the writers, James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright, decided that Mae Whitman wasn't 'hot' enough for them! And it's one of the most stupid and disgusting things ever. And I'm not the only one outraged about this (some liens below). I also see these are all men who decided that!

Can society seriously stop body shaming women! Every single women is beautiful! EVERY one of them! Whether you're skinny, fat, small, tall, blonde, brunette, red head, black hair, grey hair, white hair, colored hair. Whether toi have brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, grey eyes. Whether you're Black, Caucasian, Latina, Asian, Arabic, Indian. Whether you're old ou young. toi ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Can we please tell our daughters, our sisters, our mothers, our grand-mothers, our cousins, our nieces, our aunts, our wives, our girlfriends, our fiances, our friends, even our enemies, that they are beautiful!

I'm just so sick on this society driving young girls crazy about their looks and ashamed of what they look like! Nobody should be ashamed, because everyone is beautiful!

What do toi think about this recast? Outraged? Happy? Indifferent?
Say how toi feel in the comments.

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