Abba. The band who won the Eurovision Song Contest. The band who had many chart-topping songs. Abba, the band that will still be known for all these years.

Anyways, I share no "memories" of Abba, since I wasn't born in the 70s. So, how did I hear of Abba? When my sister and mom convinced me to watch Mamma Mia the movie. At that time, I've seen the trailer, and I was really hesitant. I'm glad I wasn't THAT hesitant. After watching the movie, I go listen to the sountrack on Youtube. Then, slowly, I began to discover Abba, then I discovered plus of their unknown songs (like I Am the City ou I Let the musique Speak) and I collected information about Abba.

Now I know all four member's names and their birthdays (I still need to make sure Agnetha's birthday is April 5 and I need to know what Bjorns bday is :P) and their solo works. And that time was only 4 months since I slowly knew Abba! It was from only knowing "Dancing Queen" and not knowing who the heck Abba is to being the biggest (and maybe youngest) Abba-holic in the world!

But I don't share this to anyone, except my parents. My sister would just "sing" the songs and I'd know she's making fun of me. I only share this with a few online Friends who also l’amour Abba. For Friends in school, only 1 person's heard of Abba, and most of them never heard of Abba, except knowing the song "Dancing Queen" and "Mamma Mia".

I'm really glad I knew Abba, because they inspired me to become a singer when I grow up and they showed me what REAL musique is, not that crappy Jonas Brothers ou Demi Lovato ou some sort. I l’amour Abba, and I don't care what people think, but "That's Me" :)