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posted by AislingYJ
Sorry it took so long...I got really lazy and stuff but it’s finished now! Warning: cussing (that’s as far as it goes for mature content) and LOTS of feels. Part one is link.
Vic's cœur, coeur skips a beat. No. It can't-- but she's--
But the message is there, plain as day, as real as the sun in the sky and the hope in his heart. His first thought is that it's a fake, an imposter, trying to lure him into a trap. His head is telling him to stay in the safety of the flat, but his cœur, coeur is screaming for him to go to the café. He decides to trust his heart, hoping with...
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Some crackship smut...CRACKSHIP I SAY!!

Her eyes stared into the lights of the city as she stood on haut, retour au début of the twenty story building. Crimson eyes narrowed as she spotted a dark haired boy in an apartment directly to her left. His window was open and the blonde was dazed as she watched him roam his room, obviously anxious, with no shirt."Who was he?" She thought as her eyes followed his body, every movement he made, and focused on his toned abdomen. Suddenly, grey met red, and though she was spotted a sudden jab sparked in her body and her legs began quivering; making her go limp and stumble...
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 Damon and Cyr! (and Fluffy!)
Damon and Cyr! (and Fluffy!)
Ya remember that smut I wrote? Yeah, well I decided to write plus drabbles (one-shots) with that pairing. They won't all be smut (this one isn't) but some will be.
Pairing/fandom: Damon Fizzy and Cyr
Warnings: None, unless toi are terrified of fluff. In that case, toi should not read this. It is very fluffy.
Background: Let's just all assume that all of these drabbles will be AU, both from the normal real-life universe and from each other (unless I mention otherwise)
Rating: K+ for minor s’embrasser and some hair-touching. And lots of fluff.
“Up and at ‘em, Cyr!” Cyr groaned...
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Tension was a feeling Thane has trouble shaking off. Especially when it's protruding from that him. Yeah, him. That guy sitting on the opposite end with his boots kicked off and a single cigarette hanging loosely between his pale fingertips as his free palm pet his beloved Braeburn. It was not like he had feelings for the guy, they are the best of bros for as long as he can recall! Maybe this tension was building up all because of that one incident that shifted the lighting on his best friend.

One job, Thane had one job and he failed it. He promised Alucard that he would watch his cat when he...
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This is a very tiny list, read ending notes below. I'll be adding plus songs as I find them! If song has been used, there will be a link to the fic.

The Pretender - Foo Fighters
Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Discord - Tombstone Remix
Burn It Down - Linkin Park
Re-Education (Through Labour) - Rise Against
Satellite - Rise Against
Riot - Three Days Grace

King - Lauren Aquilina
Sleepwalking - Bring Me The Horizon
Shadow Moses - Bring Me The Horizon
Breaking The Habit - Linkin Park
Audience of One - Rise Against

Mentor to mentee
You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring

New Divide -...
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posted by AislingYJ
Pairing/fandom: Damon Fizzy and Cyr. Yes they are Youtubers and real people. No toi do not have to know them to understand this. No toi will never be able to look at them the same again (maybe).
Warnings: I think this is obvious. Don't like smut ou slash, don't read. It's as simple as that.
Background: Meh, it's AU in case toi were wondering. You'll see why..

Cyr groaned as he rolled over in the bed, wincing at the spasms of agony coming from his head. Biting his lip to avoid screaming at the pain that resulted from trying to sit up, he sat blinking in the darkness of the room, hearing...
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added by AislingYJ
Source: Me! (made with Deviantart Muro)
added by AislingYJ
Okay, so I wrote this in 4 days, during my school classes (I'm evil!) and my two of my best Friends loved it, soooooo I decided to post it her for your peoples opinions!


The soft wind blew the small girls golden curls around. Leaves fell onto the man’s smooth skin as he walked down the dirt trail. The two of them walked hand in hand towards the sand covered beach, where the moon’s reflection was visible in the oceans salty surface. They walked slowly towards the water, their feet leaving prints in the sand. The cool...
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posted by GlitterPuff
 When she is older
When she is older
I don't know if all the information is right, but it's as much as I could dig up for the story.

This story takes place in the 1915’s in Lithuania. The Russians are taking people who have done terrible things, when in reality, they were just helping their family and/or friends; and sending them to work camps. The father in this story is a Russian soldier, and the mother was a Lithuanian woman.

The girl ran down the street, trying to get away from the man chasing her. He was gaining up on her, almost right behind her. She kept running, not looking behind her. The girl ran into an alley and looked...
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Londres Rafferty, the sly, smooth-talking assassin-retiree, awoke in the early morning hours as the sun peaked in through his bedroom windows. He figured he had to get up now; the sun was just begging him to get up. He slowly arose from his bed; his sheets all ruffled on his side. He looked over at his lady. She was sleeping soundly, purring in low hums. Londres tiptoed over to her, covered her up, and kissed her head before he grabbed his peignoir, robe off of his door hook. As he draped the peignoir, robe over his dago tee and boxers, he headed down his spiraling staircase. As he entered the kitchen, he glanced...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Small white specks fly around in the blue-grey sky, the sun barely shown behind the dull clouds. poisson swim underneath the translucent layer of ice that covered the small pond. Some trees are bare, shivering in the cold winter air. Others are covered in a thick green coat, staying warm even with the snow that they collected. animaux are asleep, snoring in their caves ou holes, resting themselves so they are rejuvenated for Spring. Snow continues to fall, dusting our cars, roads, and homes. The freezing weather frosts our windows, making them harder to see out of.Kids zip up their snowsuits and up into the soft snow, their cheeks turning rose as they smile and play. Adults shovel their driveway, making them easier for them to get out, as they watch their children make snow angels. Wind blows the lighter snow up into the sky, re-dusting everything they see.
I totally forgot to post this!!!! Don't be mad!!! Oh, and BTW, Rene and Twan are through!!!!!

“You know how to bring her back? She won’t end up looking different, ou act different, will she?” She chuckled a little and shook her head.

“She will be exactly the same as she was when she was alive; she just might be slightly weaker.” He looked at her, slightly confused.

“So, how does she come back to life?” She smiled slightly.

“Leave that to me…”

“And why should I trust you?” Twan said.

“Because if toi piss me off, after I fix Rene; I could kill toi just with the...
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Twan walked into the infirmary, his clothes covered in splatters of blood. He slowly walked into Rene’s room. Amethyst looked above her magazine, seeing him walk into Rene’s room. The purple haired girl set the magazine down on the table, got up, and followed the blonde haired boy into the room as quietly as possible. The boy sat down in the chair suivant to the red heads dead body, his eyes watery. Amethyst stood in the back of the room, leaning back on the wall, watching. The blue eyed boy took Rene’s hand, squeezing it, trying not to break down completely. The purple haired girl just...
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posted by -BelovedRobin
Dave gets toi a job as a waiter. soon enough, Dave also gets a katana press against your larynx. He was reciting how toi must, yes toi don’t have any other choice, die in order to reach eternal life. “To reach god tier,” as he states.

Now, toi and Dave were best friends. Well, actually, toi would like to believe toi two still were. Many ask you, do toi know about Dave Strider? Of course toi do, who doesn’t?
The tip of the katana pools around your adam’s apple, it’s silent and cold. Not a single whisper would escape the blade as it slice your head onto the debris cover floor, unlike...
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posted by InfinityYJ
The following series contains over twenty four OCs, all from multiple fandoms (seven fandoms, to be exact.) Don't like, don't read.
Oh, and most of them are major Mary Sue charries. I have a tendency to do that. :3

“So.. there are eight of them?”
“Yes. Eight spirits.”
“...Why was I not informed earlier?”
“Um.. we just found out?”
“Who are they?”
“There’s Fallen, Foreign, Missing, Element, Eternal, and Persistent.”
“You’re missing two.”
“Yes... the two plus dangerous ones. Creator and Infinite.”
“Ah. Bring up the profiles.”
“...We still don’t have them...”...
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Bentley ran down the rue to the infirmary as quickly as possible before Rene bled out. He heard a ding from her back pocket. It was her phone ringing. While he was running, he took it out and answered it.

    “Hello?” He a dit quietly into the phone.

    “Um, who is this?” The voice on the other line said.

    “Bentley, this is Rene’s phone.”

    “Where is Rene?” The man a dit worried. Bentley soon realized that it was Twan on the other line.

    “Um… she’s currently dead.”...
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